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Tim and his parents

"As a mum, I appreciate how much work you put into discussing some fairly difficult topics in a sensitive and balanced way, and we have had many wonderful in-depth conversations that started from her using your app!"

Laurel, parent

BrainPOP is an excellent and engaging tool in my daughter's education

"I would like to thank you for the unbelievably excellent response to my email query. Never before, from any company, have I ever received such a fast, convenient and understandable remedy for my problems. You were remarkable! BrainPOP is an excellent and engaging tool in my daughter's education and is becoming increasingly relevant to her as her learning progresses; she is a child with unique abilities and is registered blind.

Tim and Moby are her first contacts on her iPad each day and I hope you recognise the quality and accessibility you provide for her and others like her. I would like to strongly restate that BrainPOP has been a super-accessible app (in conjunction with the iPad) for my daughter, who has very little eyesight but is gifted in some areas of her education.

With most apps which cater for either a disability or, indeed, an unusual intellectual ability in children, parents have little choice but to pay a large premium for the most helpful apps.

It is wonderful that Elizabeth's wide range of learning requirements and needs have been incorporated within the standard for the app. You and your team have done and continue to do, terrific work! Thanks again for your spectacular help"

Mrs McDonach, parent, home educator, and writer on

My daughter's imagination has really been fired up!

"I just wanted to thank you for a fast and exceptional customer response. I have just started home schooling my daughter and she grasps, and retains, the things she has learned from BrainPOP better than any other program I have purchased (paid for and free). When she has outgrown BrainPOP Jr. I can well imagine we will continue on with BrainPOP UK.

One thing I have noticed is that, after watching various movies, my daughter's imagination has really been fired up. For example, after watching the movies on endangered species, she spent the morning looking up endangered sea creatures, printing pictures, and attempting to set up a club. This was totally unprompted by me. At other times we have watched movies together and then discuss certain issues that are raised. It has really helped me to make home schooling interesting for her.

Thank you again for your help and well done with an outstanding product."

G Wilson, Home Educator

My 10 year old daughter loves BrainPOP UK
  • It’s great for people who think in pictures. It suits visual learning styles and it's perfect for children with a short attention span or for busy people who don’t have time to watch long programmes.
  • The range and choice of subjects is fascinating, informative and seems to be well-researched.
  • The illustrations are great.
  • The tone seems just right, even in subjects that could be controversial or difficult to explain to children.
  • Clips can be watched at a time that is convenient for the user, any time of day or night.
  • Very educational, but the children are having so much fun, they don’t notice how much they are learning about the world until they impress their parents with something that even they don’t know. And then, when you ask them how they know, they’ll probably say they heard it on BrainPOP.
  • School is so long nowadays and sitting at a desk all day can be very tedious for a child. BrainPOP is so much fun and so different from being talked at by a teacher, that my daughter begs to watch a few more clips even when we’re short of time.
  • I have recommended BrainPOP to friends and they seem very impressed and pleased that such resources exist.
  • Clips can be watched many times, either because of the humour or to consolidate learning.
  • The content offers something for a huge range of ages – I would say from 7 to a 100+

“Very educational, but the children are having so much fun, they don’t notice how much they are learning about the world until they impress their parents with something that even they don’t know. And then, when you ask them how they know, they’ll probably say they heard it on BrainPOP.

...I know that I don’t need to check the content before I allow access to it...I know that whatever she is listening to within BrainPOP UK is entirely appropriate.

...her time on BrainPOP UK is time well spent, as she is being exposed to important matters that the school might not cover.”

Merita Lumley, Parent

Expert Seal of Approval

Parenting expert, Sue Atkins, loves exploring BrainPOP, 09/03/12

Bogies & Pirates! Independent learning with Tim & Moby

“(J is) a child who is always keen to investigate topics and, at the same time, is an enthusiastic technology user BrainPOP UK is a daily ‘must visit’ site. The best thing about BrainPOP for J is that it is completely his domain. The content is informative, fun and he drives his own exploration and learning. It keeps him engaged and Tim and Moby do not get fed up or complain about repeating themselves. He seeks out the new movies and is keen to share his new found knowledge with us. What a lovely way to learn!”
@musntgrumble, Home Educator

Supporting parents

“A big part of me is dreading when Miss L comes home from school and needs my help with her maths homework. But now I needn’t worry as I’ll just call on Tim and Moby, my new BFF, when she asks me about the Theorem of Pythagoras.”
Scribbling Mum

Challenging topics tackled head on

“Before I allowed Esther to sit and use it I checked out a good number of the videos and topics available to see how sensitive issues such as reproduction, war and notorious people in history were dealt with...I was very impressed. Issues are not skirted around, but are dealt with sensitively and I felt, in an age appropriate manner... I would not worry about Esther accessing this site without me being in the same room. Safe surfing!"
Stacey Newman, Home Educator

The Icha Family

Helping home education

We laugh a lot whilst working with BrainPOP UK – which absolutely re-inforces the learning process...During their own free time, they choose to go on BrainPOP UK and watch interesting movies, so I know they find learning with this site fun (it’s also a great and safer alternative to TV/Internet).
Sister Janet Icha, Home Educator

On the go? There’s an App for that

Whether you're are using Apple© or Android™ devices, there’s a BrainPOP app for you.

“My 7YO loved the App, even the too cool for gushing 15YO was also very impressed…Aimed at 7-14 year olds, but personally I think it is interesting to a much wider age range too.”
Freckles family blog

BrainPOP UK Mobile apps

BrainPOP goodies

“Thank you so much for the fantastic freebies you sent Owen as a thank you :) The packaging was so lovely we didn't want to tear them open lol…Thanks again :)”
Charlotte Delo, Mum

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