Here are a few of BrainPOP's Frequently Asked Questions. Please take some time to review the responses. If you have questions of a more technical nature, please click here.

If you have any further questions, please Contact Us.

[+]What is BrainPOP UK?

BrainPOP UK features movies for Science, Maths, English, Design and Technology, Humanities, PSHE and Citizenship. Each animated film is between 2-5 minutes, and makes complex topics both simple and accessible! Each movie is followed by an optional, short quiz that suits Assessment for Learning (AfL).

[+]What age group is BrainPOP UK appropriate for?

The site is designed for kids in Key Stages 2 to 3. However, teachers are using BrainPOP UK with kids between the ages of 7 and 18! The movies operate on several levels, enabling personalisation and differentiation by the teacher to match learning opportunities to a common experience.

[+]How can I use BrainPOP UK in the classroom?

Teachers tell us that they use BrainPOP UK in a variety of ways, but a common thread is the importance of contextualising activities and understanding around the learning objective, so BrainPOP UK movies work well as an Starter/Introductory. BrainPOP UK has been shown to have greater impact where it is integrated into the teaching and learning across the curriculum matching tool.

[+]How can I view all the movies on the app?

To watch all of the movies & quizzes in the app, you need to subscribe to the BrainPOP UK website. This will provide a username and password that allows access to the main web version (viewable on Flash enabled devices) and can be used to log in through the iPad app too.

To subscribe go to and select the appropriate option and follow the instructions. It should only take a few minutes.

Schools can buy 1 or more years by invoice; Parents can buy 1, 6 or 12 month access using credit/debit cards or PayPal.

Once you have been through the subscription process you will have a username and password that works on the app AND the website.

If you get stuck along the way or something isn't clear, call us on 0800 141 2404 (or 01865 263 000, if on a mobile) and we'll be happy to help!

[+]How do I set up my computers to use BrainPOP UK

All you need is an internet connection, a browser, and Flash. That is it!

[+]How can I change my subscription information?

Please send us an email to change or update us on changes, such as passwords, usernames, addresses, and email addresses. We will send you an email to confirm that the changes have been made.
Please note, we can only offer this to paying subscribers!

[+]What if I have technical questions?

If you have questions of a more technical nature, please click here.

[+]I’d like to contact you, how can I do this?

The two simplest ways of contacting us are by phone 0800 141 2404 and email: .

For all the ways of getting hold of us please visit our contact us. page.

[+]Is there a way to view/print answer keys to BrainPOP UK quizzes?

No, not at the moment. There are a number of reasons why we don't offer answer keys to our quizzes. One is that we are currently in the process of upgrading all of our quizzes so that each contains questions with four answer options; more higher-order thinking questions; and in some cases, images. However, we do understand that quiz answer keys would save many teachers time and effort, and it is possible that we may offer answer keys sometime in the future.

[+]How do I find out what's new to BrainPOP?

The easiest way to keep up-to-date with the latest features, new movies, learning tales and exclusive offers is to sign up to Moby's eNews

[+]Can I login automatically to BrainPOP?

Yes, visit our scripted login generator to learn how.