The Holocaust, during World War II, was a horrific time in world history. It was a time of unbridled persecution against the Jews, kindled by the power-crazy ambitions of Adolph Hitler. In this BrainPOP UK movie, Tim and Moby tell you what the Holocaust was; when it happened; and some of the forces that lead up to it. In this educational, animated movie you’ll find out how Hitler rose to power; what his Nazi party promised; what the Jews were blamed for; and how the secret, Final Solution was executed with such cold precision. You’ll learn the meaning of the word genocide; a little of the history of anti-Semitism in Europe; and why it was legal, and even encouraged, to harass Jews. Find out what happened on Kristallnacht and how the inmates of concentration camps weren’t the ‘happy campers’ the world was led to believe. It’s an uncomfortable and shameful topic, but talking about it is a good way to make sure that it never happens again!

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