Whether you're are using Apple© or Android™ devices, there’s a BrainPOP app for you.

  • Chosen by Apple - top 10 'Essential' apps for Kids 9-11 (iPhone)
  • BETT Awards 2014 finalist - Educational Apps category
  • Featured on BBC Click (September 2013)
  • 'Good App Guide recommended' award, 2014
  • 5 out of 5 stars - Know Your Apps magazine, September 2014
  • “100 Greatest Apps of All Time" - Tap Magazine
  • 5 out of 5 stars - 'Educational App Store Recommended' certification

BrainPOP UK Mobile apps

"BrainPOP have created beautifully animated videos with accompany quiz testing features...that will suit the classroom learning environment or will do well to support extended learning at home."

  • Our Apps are free to download
  • The featured movie and quiz changes every day, so check in regularly to see what you can learn from today's topic
  • You can subscribe to unlock all 700+ topics (details below)

Ideal for school and/or home use, including BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategies, mobile access is an integral part of all BrainPOP UK subscriptions. All school and home BrainPOP UK subscriptions include full mobile access, at no extra cost. To access any movie or quiz that requires you to be a site subscriber simply enter the same username and password you normally use to access BrainPOP UK.

Learning at Your Fingertips™ with BrainPOP UK

"Recently I used the BrainPOP app to encourage students to learn independently from the teacher with great outcomes. Students were motivated to learn as they were in control. The element of choice motivated students to learn in a variety of ways. Students enjoyed the short animated movies and all feedback was very positive. Students felt that they learn better from using the app and that they found it easier to use than YouTube and BBC Bitesize because the way that the app was set out and the quality of the videos and quizzes. The multiple choice quizzes provide a competitive twist to AfL and all students enjoyed taking part.

Gavin Smart, Teacher of Science, Apple Distinguished Educator

BrainPOP is designed to deliver an unsurpassed breadth and depth of educational topics while keeping the integration of learning and technology a seamless and simple experience.

A collection of iPad screenshots
Designed for independent learning, at home and in class
  1. The app and content is very visual and colourful. The functions are big and bold, allowing easy navigation. The audio and video nature of the learning content enables it to appeal to range of learning styles.
  2. The animations are carefully constructed to set out the learning outcome at the start (via the mechanism of the “Dear Tim & Moby” letter) and proceed to explain the concept or idea throughout the next 3-5 mins.
  3. Learners can play the featured movie directly from the start screen, minimising the risk of attention loss.
  4. Once the movie is complete learners are invited to take the interactive multiple choice quiz. The 10 question multiple choice quizzes that accompany the topics track responses and offer immediate feedback on right/wrong answers.
  5. The quiz results are retained to the individual device. At any point the learner (or teacher; parent) will be able to see which topics have been studied and the quiz results at any point. This provides a simple assessment format that guides learners towards areas that need improvement or reinforcement.
  6. The easy access to related topics means the learner can explore around the topic – this encouragement to be autonomous in their learning builds confidence.
  7. The app is optimised to take advantage of the devices’ in built accessibility features.

"One thing I have noticed is that, after watching various movies, my daughter's imagination has really been fired up. For example, after watching the movies on endangered species, she spent the morning looking up endangered sea creatures, printing pictures, and attempting to set up a club. This was totally unprompted by me. At other times we have watched movies together and then discuss certain issues that are raised. It has really helped me to make home schooling interesting for her. Well done with an outstanding product."

Gary Wilson, Parent

Key elements for schools
  • The app taps into this generation’s fluency with short bursts of video media
  • No other educational app offers the breadth and depth of curriculum content across phases. All topics are all mapped and navigable via curriculum subjects and sub-subjects.
  • Full subtitling and predictive keyword search provides opportunities to promote literacy
  • App is free at point of download, and the daily movie provides an incentive to open the app every day
  • Single sign across desktop and mobile (per BrainPOP account)
  • The ability to blend the use of the BrainPOP website in a “formal” teaching and then move to mobile devices for homework or in a “flipped learning” situation is a very powerful proposition
  • Use the app to blend our content into a parental engagement strategy – easy to encourage parents who own Apple devices to download the free app and use for homework, reinforcement, family learning, independent study
  • Safe, secure, no personal pupil data stored, no advertising
"The best thing here is that the content is right at the students’ fingertips – it’s right in front of them. Here, the content is brought alive and students can easily share and look at progress on each other’s activities as they move through. It certainly gets the students motivated and focused at the beginning of the school day. We also provide opportunities for 6th form students to go back to their lower school tutor group to mentor students and free up the member of staff to do some small group work and mentoring with selected students. BrainPOP is a favourite resource for the 6th form students to use with the younger students.

Mark Anderson – Assistant Head teacher, Apple Distinguished Educator

BrainPOP UK - Elephant topic

BrainPOP UK - Queen Elizabeth topic

If you want to unlock all the movies and quizzes this is what you do...

Using iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch* (the following applies to version 3.0. Please make sure you have updated your BrainPOP UK app):

Option 1: Full access subscription

  1. Get the app from the iTunes App store (it's free)
  2. Go to the BrainPOP UK Store and choose the appropriate option.
  3. Schools can be invoiced and parents can buy 1, 6 or 12 month access using credit/debit cards or PayPal. This option gives you full access to both our web and mobile resources.
  4. Got your username and password? Now log into the app when prompted and access all movies and quizzes at no extra charge.
Option 2: Mobile only subscription
  1. Get the app from the iTunes App store (it's free) and start browsing the movies.
  2. When prompted in the app select either "Unlimited" (all movies & quizzes for £4.49 per month) or "Explorer" (daily movie + the four related movies and quizzes for £1.49 per month). Both these options auto renew and are only available to buy in-app and are paid for via your iTunes account.
  3. Once confirmed you will be automatically logged in each time you load the app.
Using Android devices:

The Android app does not have in-app subscriptions but you can subscribe via our store, which provides full access to both our web and mobile resources.

  1. Get the app from Google Play (it's free)
  2. Go to the BrainPOP UK Store and choose the appropriate option.
  3. Schools can be invoiced and parents can buy 1, 6 or 12 month access using credit/debit cards or PayPal. This option gives you full access to both our web and mobile resources.
  4. Got your username and password? Now log into the app when prompted and access all movies and quizzes at no extra charge.
*iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are a trademark of Apple Inc.