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    BrainPOP is a fantastic, easy to use web resource that blends into your existing ICT infrastructure and teaching.

    Keep your little monsters engaged and learning with Monster School Bus maths game

    Making sure that students at every level are equally engaged and learning is a constant challenge. Trying to manage learners with a wide range of ability and learning styles and successfully keeping them at the edge of their knowledge sounds an impossible task – especially with rising class sizes.

    Monster School Bus is a fantastic maths resource in a tiered learning environment, without creating a great deal of extra work for an educator to implement.

    FOR TEACHER’S EYES ONLY! Back to BASIC(s) with the computing curriculum

    A wonderful primer for teachers who are tackling the new computing curriculum for the first time.

    Making your interactive whiteboard POP with BrainPOP!

    Danny Nicholson of Thinkbank and The Whiteboard Blog fame has produced a wonderfully informative ebook guide to using your IWB with BrainPOP. It’s full of great tips and inspiration on how to use your SMART or Promethean whiteboard software with BrainPOP. And it’s free to download!

    Google plus BrainPOP

    We’ve teamed up with Google to provide schools and LAs that are Google Apps users with a Google Apps domain to access BrainPOP UK resources via your Google account.

    BrainPOP UK, Google Apps and Project Based Learning

    BrainPOP has long been a go to resource for project or enquiry based learning and with the addition of the BrainPOP Google app students and teachers can use BrainPOP outside the classroom too (includes “Using BrainPOP, Google apps and project based learning” video).

    BrainPOP on a Playstation 3

    You’ve probably experienced BrainPOP on a computer. But did you know you can also access BrainPOP through a PlayStation 3 console? Knowing this means you could open another channel outside mobile devices to bring BrainPOP into your pupils’ homes.

    Digitalk – school blog showcases

    This is a series of showcases written by teachers and children all about their experiences of class blogging. Each article contains some remarkable stories of how blogging at school has transformed the way pupils engage with literacy, audience, and technology. Each post is HIGHLY recommended, the worst that can happen is that it inspires you to give it a try.

    BrainPOP UK Quiz Integration with Promethean ActivExpression and ActiVote Learner Response Systems

    BrainPOP UK POPquizzes are now seamlessly integrated with Promethean’s Learner Response Systems, making it easier than ever for you to engage students. Your students will be able to vote and then see their results, cumulatively and individually. You can set timed quizzes and export class results. It’s really rather cool.

    Hide and seek – BrainPOP goes geocaching

    We invited Jen Deyenberg to guest post an article for us about how she used BrainPOP + geocaching tech to build a terrific lesson. Read about then get out into the fresh air and do it!

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