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    Many teachers use BrainPOP as a jumping off point, stimulus or engaging addition to lessons. Browse a few of the posts below  – they may provide a burst of inspiration for your own classroom!

    Learning to be resilient

    Past a certain age kids simply don’t often get to learn through experimentation and making mistakes the way we do when we’re infants, instead it’s all about results. With all the challenges to helping students build resilience, see how BrainPOP can help your students become more resilient.

    Thinking about forever – teaching sustainable development

    Being the best global citizen you can be is one of the most important things a child can learn. From climate change to interdependence to biodiversity, today’s young people face ethical, social, and environmental challenges on a scale unheard of in human history.  Use these resourecs to help introduce your students to these complex subjects.

    Assigning BrainPOP videos as homework “to introduce, to reinforce and to remediate

    The video of an educator in a school in North Carolina highlights how BrainPOP is used with her students. Even though it’s a school several 1000 miles away from most readers of this blog we think the themes are universal.

    What makes a good BrainPOPper?

    Miss Donacien and the KS2 pupils at Wix Primary School were posed the question “What is the difference between someone who just watches BrainPOP movies and a BrainPOPper?”. Read how the class discussed that one of the features of a great BrainPOPper is that they don’t just watch a movie and think, “That was interesting.” They watch a BrainPOP movie and think, “I’m going to do something with that information.”

    Tim & Moby take the 100 Word Challenge

    The 100 Word Challenge is an extremely popular weekly writing task aimed at children. Each week a prompt is set on the 100WC.net blog that is designed to inspire a piece of writing no longer than 100 words. We were very humbled and excited to be able suggest a prompt of our very own, starring Tim & Moby. Why don’t you get your class involved?

    Moby’s super secret science trails at Hurworth school

    Hurworth Primary have been using BrainPOP for a few years now, and  everyone was really enjoying the site but when we visited the school we were shocked to discover Moby had been creating all kinds of mischief for a project week to celebrate National Science and Engineering week!

    5 top tips for using new BrainPOP Activities

    All our topics include typeable and printable activities. In this article we present a 5 stimulus ideas to get the best from the Activities.

    Getting organised with BrainPOP

    Graphic organisers engage students with online content by helping to apply learning, organise ideas, classify information, sequence events, or compare and contrast.

    Finding Wind around the World

    All around the world there are local words for wind. The intent of the activity is for students to learn about different parts of the world by exploring wind. They will also explore their school grounds for the various wind words using handheld GPS technology.

    Tim & Moby’s guide to making a movie

    Students are often inspired to create their own Tim & Moby movies. In this article we pass on our top advice for making a movie.

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