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    Literacy in Art? Literacy in Science? Literacy in Maths?

    BrainPOP provides a huge amount of opportunities to promote literacy, well beyond our popular English category. BrainPOP contains topics from across the curriculum, each with multiple entry points for the promotion of literacy.

    “During inspections, Ofsted will place a stronger emphasis on effective whole-school literacy policies and their successful and systematic implementation across the school. Finally, the new Teachers’ Standards (2012) require for all teachers to “demonstrate an understanding of and take responsibility for promoting high standards of literacy, articulacy and the correct use of standard English.”

    Literacy Guide for Secondary Schools, 2012-2013

    Exploring Opportunities To Promote Literacy Using BrainPOP

    Engaging students with literacy across curriculum subjects is a priority for all schools, and Ofsted. BrainPOP provides multiple possibilities to improve literacy knowledge using animated movies, interactive quizzes, multimedia resources, and more.

    7 terrific subtitle tips for BrainPOP

    All our movies are fully subtitled by default. Learn more about their fantastic impact on literacy.

    5 top tips for using new BrainPOP Activities

    Each Topic page has accompanying typeable and printable activities jammed packed with exercises to support the promotion of literacy.

    Moby makes me feel happy – inspiring a reluctant writer

    From time to time, we are incredibly lucky to hear how BrainPOP has profoundly affected a child’s learning.

    Some kids find it hard to write. There could be any number of reasons for this but sometimes the writer simply needs inspiration. This is a guest post from a teacher who describes how one of her reluctant writers found his muse in a certain robot called Moby…

    12 Top Tips for Telling a Story

    BrainPOP’s unique style and engaging narratives can inspire creative writing, from the most reluctant of pupils to the most confident. Check out the two articles above to see how BrainPOP supports creative writing.

    Calder-lightful! Using BrainPOP UK in Secondary English

    Read how an “excellent” rated Scottish secondary, Calderglen High School, uses BrainPOP in their English department, then watch the video below to see them explain the value BrainPOP adds to their english department.

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