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    BrainPOP is as big a hit with newly qualified teachers as it is with seasoned veterans. Check out some of the stories below for more info on why those fresh to teaching see BrainPOP as a very valuable tool in their classrooms.

    BrainPOP on Probationer Teacher Scotland

    We were invited by Probationer Teacher Scotland, (part of GTC Scotland), a national support service provided to newly qualified Scottish teachers, to feature in their very popular “BlogSpot” section. This is a space where teachers in their probation year are asked to review products they love to use in class.

    The PGCE Survival Guide

    Tim Handley, a newly qualified Primary teacher and BrainPOP UK fan, has created this book entirely from his and others’ NQT experiences. We’re also honoured that he picked BrainPOP UK as one of his recommended “Useful on-Line resources” for PGCE (Postgraduate certificate in education) students.

    “BrainPOP UK as a Killer NQT tool”

    Tim’s online slide show demonstrating all the different reasons, as an NQT, he uses BrainPOP in his teaching:

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