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    BrainPOP is remarkably flexible and can fit well into various curricular and teaching methodologies. Read some of the guest posts below to learn how some schools have integrated BrainPOP into various pedagogical approaches.

    Popping open minds at the RSA Academy

    Read how RSA Academy in Tipton have been using BrainPOP as part of delivering the Opening Minds curriculum.

    Using BrainPOP with vertical tutor groups

    Teachers at Clevedon School in North Somerset have been trying out the BrainPOP featured movie and app in various different classes throughout the school. Read this mini case study on how they’ve integrated BrainPOP into their vertical tutor groups.

    Literacies for Life at Shireland Collegiate Academy

    Shireland Collegiate Academy uses a unique curriculum model called ‘Literacies for Life’. This is a project-based learning approach that focuses on a common theme throughout all subjects for a given period of time and uses dynamic learning to bring the subject to life. See how BrainPOP fits in.

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