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     The strong visual/audio quality and high engagement levels of BrainPOP means it can lend itself to multiple SEN needs.

    The stories below are examples of how BrainPOP has been used to support SEN children. We’re always looking for more stories to share with you – please get in touch if you’ve successfully used BrainPOP in a SEN situation or environment.

    Bogies & Pirates! Independent learning with Tim & Moby

    The story of how a boy with motor coordination and planning difficulties (dyspraxia) uses BrainPOP to be able to get to where he wants to be – independently.

    Moby makes me feel happy – inspiring a reluctant writer

    Moby inspired a reluctant writer (he told the teaching assistant what he needed to say and copied from the scribe) to put pen to paper but following his exposure to BrainPOP he was inspired to produce the most writing he has ever done!

    Empower SEN students with BrainPOP – Tobe’s story

    In this guest post the Skerman family recount how BrainPOP has supported their son, Tobes, who has a genetic physical disability and is also profoundly dyslexic.

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