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    Welcome to the Teachers Use section. From here you’ll learn how to get the best out of BrainPOP and hear the stories of how other educators have successfully integrated BrainPOP into their teaching.

    Our philosophy

    Everyone uses BrainPOP in different ways, and our resources are meant to be open and flexible to accommodate all of the various ways BrainPOP might be used.

    We try to keep our design simple and understandable, and let teachers interpret their students’ needs on BrainPOP in whatever ways make sense to them.

    We don’t do adaptive learning. We are a non-prescriptive resource, we don’t tell students how to learn, or tell teachers how to teach.


    BrainPOP UK is fully mapped to the 2014 National Curriculum for England, the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, and the Australian national curriculum.

    You’ll find lesson ideas on each topic page, and can drill down through curriculum standards using our Curriculum Mapping Tool.

    Professional development 

    If you work in a school that subscribes to BrainPOP we advise you sign up for the ‘BrainPOP Masterclass‘, our light touch email professional development programme.


    1) Spread the word that your school has access to BrainPOP with our handy starter kit:

    2) Check out a listing of tips ‘n’ techniques that we’ve seen being used in BrainPOP classrooms:

    3) See how other teachers have used BrainPOP to deliver outstanding lessons using BrainPOP:


    1) Use BrainPOP to promote opportunities to engage with literacy across the curriculum:

    2) Extend your use of BrainPOP beyond the classroom, to augment or complement children’s natural curiosity about the world:

    3) See how BrainPOP is used under different curricula:

    4) BrainPOP is as popular with newly qualified teachers as it is with seasoned veterans. Hear from NQTs in this section:

    5) See how some SEN pupils have seen huge advantages to using BrainPOP to support their learning:

    6) See how BrainPOP resources can be used with the 2014 curriculum:



    1) Read how BrainPOP schools have used BrainPOP to show use of ICT in an effective manner:

    2) Mobile access is an outstanding way to deliver learning. Learn how to use BrainPOP apps to compliment mobile & home use:

    3) A growing set of “Game Guides” for our GameUp games, to help teachers get the best out of our learning games:

    button-Game Guides

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