• 16 Mar
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    We work closely with our teachers, to help them get the best out of our resources.

    We often canvas our customers to hear about the impact BrainPOP has in class. Which is why when teachers like David Mordue, a Year 4 Teacher & KS2 Leader, sent us this testimonial we were over the moon!

    Thank you to David and all the kids at Lanchester EP Primary School! Happy BrainPOPping!

    “BrainPOP is a fantastic resource that we’ve been using in our school for the past couple of years now. We find that the children are hugely enthused by BrainPOP. They love the characters of Tim and Moby and find them entertaining and fun!

    The fact that Tim and Moby ‘deliver’ the content of each movie makes it immediately child-friendly and engaging. From a classroom teacher’s point of view, I find the content of the movies and the related activities to be perfectly pitched for my KS2 children with key vocabulary being clearly explained to make the topics easy to understand for the children.

    BrainPOP has a huge amount of cross-curricular content. We use it to enhance our teaching of a wide range of subjects – from core subjects like Maths, English and Science to other subject areas such as History, Art and Computing.

    I often use BrainPOP to ‘launch’ new topics (such as our ‘Romans’ topic in History at the moment) as the movies provide a really engaging starting point to not only provide key facts and concepts to the children, but to ‘hook’ them into a topic.

    The children in my class have gone on to produce some fantastic pieces of work from using BrainPOP – it has had a really positive impact on the teaching and learning in my classroom.

    When we started using BrainPOP at Lanchester it was primarily to access the excellent animated ‘Tim and Moby’ movies, however there is so much more to BrainPOP than just the movies themselves.

    The related quizzes, concept mapping tools, games and extra reading materials are great. I often use the activities as part of my whole class teaching and the children enjoy having activities assigned to them either in class (on our school laptops or iPads) or for homework – if it’s a BrainPOP activity they don’t feel like it’s work at all!

    The BrainPOP team are always adding new features too – we’ve just started exploring the new ‘make-a-movie’ feature which is very popular so far with the children!

    I find BrainPOP to be very easy to use – great for busy teachers! The website itself is really easy to navigate and the BrainPOP Educators section provides really clear help with video tutorials and webinars to watch.

    That’s really helpful if you quickly need to know how to set up your class or how to show the children how to save their BrainPOP work for example. I would have no hesitation in recommending BrainPOP to other teachers – it has been a great addition to the resources we use in school and never fails to engage the children.”

    David Mordue, Year 4 Teacher & KS2 Leader, Lanchester EP Primary School

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  • 14 May
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    We work with schools all over the world, often British international schools that follow a UK curriculum, and recently became a COBIS (Council of British International Schools) supporting member. We’d like to share some very kind words that we received from GEMS Royal Dubai school, who have been subscribers to BrainPOP UK, BrainPOP ESL, and BrainPOP Jr since 2011.

    Royal Dubai school logo

    About GEMS Royal Dubai School

    Opened in September 2005, GEMS Royal Dubai School offers a high quality education from Foundation Stage to Year 6. It is the only school in the area to offer the National Curriculum for England, taught by British trained and experienced teachers, chosen for their abilities to create a motivational, child-centred environment.

    BrainPOP UK (7-14) Tania Basson, Year 3 Teacher/Team Leader

    “I have had the pleasure of using BrainPOP UK with the students in my Year 3 classroom for the past 3 years. What the children enjoy most is that the characters use child friendly language. The conversations that Tim and Moby have are ones that could be taking place between two 8 year olds! They ask questions that the children want to know and answer them in simple to understand language. What I like is that the correct terminology is used, so that the children are learning while thinking that they are just having fun.”

    BrainPOP ESL (English as a Second Language) – Rebecca Dickinson, Head of ELL

    “BrainPOP ESL seems have everything my English Language Learners need to develop their English. The App is easy for all to navigate with just a couple of taps to get started, and being able to access it via the website or app makes it more appealing. Learners can access lessons and practise their skills independently through a variety of multi-sensory activities. For teachers the Grammar Index is a great resource for a glance at what each unit covers enabling targeted support. Being able to access a child’s progress for each level is important for parents, teachers and learner through the ‘My Progress’ area.”

    BrainPOP Jr (4-7) Deborah Lambell, Year 2 Teacher/Digital Learning Leader KS2

    “BrainPOP Jr is an excellent tool which supports all curriculum areas. I have found it particularly useful for lessons such as Science and Mathematics. The video clips are interactive and capture the children’s imagination, introducing concepts in a clear way with fun characters the children enjoy watching. The children comment: “We like BrainPOP Jr because it teaches them new things including facts”.

    If you teach at a school outside the UK, we’d love to hear from you. Please drop us a line or take out a free trial.


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  • 27 Nov
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    Meet some (very smiley!) pupils from the class of Sarah WrightY4 teacher in Merseyside.

    Mrs Wrights Class and BrainPOP

    As well as full time teaching Sarah is develops CPD for her local authority on using technology in learning, plus is on secondment at Edge Hill University running a module on ActivExpression for training teachers.


    Sarah’s school has been using BrainPOP UK for a few years to great effect. And even with the whirlwind that is her teaching life she found the time to write in and let us know the impact BrainPOP has had in her school and class.

    We’ve replicated it below with her kind permission.

    “I genuinely can’t speak highly enough of BrainPOP.

    It’s something I know I can use across the curriculum that is high quality, engaging and easy to use. The movies offer great learning opportunities for the children, not just in terms of academic content, but I personally feel that it helps with engagement, listening and concentration skills.

    We use it as a teacher led resource as well as allowing children to use it independently – we’ve found it is a great way to encourage independent learning, I often find children telling me about something that they “Brainpopped” last night!

    The characters are really attractive to our children and we often like using our inference skills to guess what Moby is thinking!

    Moby scratching his head

    We’ve seen a real difference in terms of how children engage with their learning and particularly in them wanting to explore and learn more.

    Since using BrainPOP the quality and quantity of home learning has vastly improved.

    BrainPOP comes with a whole host of resources, all of which we use. Obviously the movies are the main aspect, but we also use the resource packs of graphic organisers, the games are great quality and the quiz function is brilliant.

    BrainPOP on IWB and Promethean ActivTable

    Each movie also comes with related activities which foster a literacy aspect to activities which the children really enjoy. BrainPop doesn’t ‘sit’ at one level, so it’s great to have different styles and levels of movies that appeal to children across the school.

    We’ve even integrated BrainPOP badges into our class reward system, whereby children who show a great attitude to their learning can earn a badge . When visitors have asked them how they have earned them, they’ve offered impressively articulate ideas on their own learning through BrainPOP.

    Another massively important part of BrainPOP for me is the whole ethos and attitude of the team.

    Not only are they constantly on hand to help, encourage and genuinely inspire, they seem to be forever looking at ways to improve the BrainPOP experience, for instance with the introduction of the Game Up function.

    BrainPOP GameUp on Promethean ActivTable

    BrainPOP GameUp on Promethean ActivTable

    If I were to ask my children what their favourite resource to use would be, the answer would be unanimous.

    I personally don’t think there is anything better to encourage fun, substantial and real learning.”

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