• 18 Nov
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    There’s been a discreet but powerful new tool added to BrainPOP UK movies: Subtitles.

    If you look at the movie player bar on any movie you will now see an “S” button.

    Clicking this button will show and hide subtitles for that movie. Like this:

    Why have we added subtitles?

    There’s a range of benefits to transcribing the movie and displaying subtitles.

    1. The most obvious benefit is to students with a hearing impairment, or even students at the back of class who may not be able to hear Tim & Moby as well as those at the front.
    2. Subtitles encourage reading – just having the subtitles showing will make the students read without even knowing they’re doing it (stealth reading?). Be default this will improve reading and spelling skills.
    3. We highlight key vocabulary in the movie directly where we can but the subtitles means that ALL vocabulary is picked up and displayed.
    4. Some schools have headphones in their ICT suite and some do not. Or as a teacher you may not want the noise of a movie playing on one machine to disturb other parts of the class. Subtitles mean the sound can remain off, if needed.
    5. Shared multimedia text – the class will be reading the subtitles, hearing the audio and seeing the animation as as a group. This means that reflection or extension work post playing the movie can be confidently delivered knowing the subtitles will have helped everyone to better understand the concepts Tim & Moby are delivering.
    6. Pausing – stopping the action is a tip we’ve promoted before. But with subtitles on you can stop and focus on key vocabulary too, encourage note taking or allow the class to catch up on specific points.
    7. You can turn the subtitles on and off at any point, without interrupting the movie. This means you remain in control of displaying the text.

    We’re sure you will find other ways to use the subtitles to suit certain teaching experiences. If you have a tip or trick of your own please share it below.

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