• 08 Jul
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    Louise, our Office Manager, was much missed recently. But for a good reason.

    She was over in Philadelphia at ISTE 2011. She worked alongside our US colleagues at their biggest exhibition of the year and had an awesome time showing off the recently unveiled BrainPOP GameUp*.

    Louise also got to hang out with Moby on a tour of Philadelphia where Moby got up to all sorts of Rocky-inspired mischief (that’s Louise on the left by the way. We don’t know who the big orange fella is).

    Louise with Rock and Moby

    The highlight of her Moby tour? Aside from getting chased from the Betsy Ross house and running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Louise got to meet some Global BrainPOPpers…

    BrainPOPpers from Seoul International School

    UK BrainPOPpers hanging out in Philly

    You may or may not know that BrainPOP® host more than 11 million visits to our global sites each month. As well as US and UK, there’s BrainPOP Español, BrainPOP China & BrainPOP France.

    Which is why, of all the people who could have walked up to Louise in the middle of Philadelphia for a photo with Moby, we were so chuffed they were our very own BrainPOP UK customers hailing all the way from Seoul International School in South Korea. This was their first time meeting Moby.

    We’re hoping to coin the phrase, “You can’t walk a mile in this town without beeping into a BrainPOPper!”. The rest of the world is at the party, when will you join in? Subscribe to BrainPOP UK today!

    * US only for now, folks. Sign up to Moby’s eNews or follow us on Twitter to stay up to the minute on all things BrainPOP UK.

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  • 21 Jul
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    We think we offer one of the easiest and most flexible school subscription models around but we also are well aware that this is only an assumption! This article is intended to help establishments that are considering subscribing to BrainPOP UK.

    Click to download our order form

    This article covers:

    • How to decide on the right subscription type
    • Different school types
    • Renewals
    • International customers

    Choosing the right BrainPOP UK subscription type is easy. You just need to answer these 3 questions:

    1. How many people do you want to buy access for (students, teachers, support staff, parents etc)? Just you? The number on roll? Teaching staff only? Teachers & Pupils from a particular Key Stage? Find the user band that fits your audience size.
    2. How will it be used?
      • Will it be used in school only?  Then choose the School hours only 8am-4pm option.
      • Do you want your teachers and pupils to access BrainPOP UK outside of school for revision, extension activities, lesson planning, parental engagement and so on? Then choose the 24/7 option (most schools do).
    3. How long do you want the subscription to last? Our standard subscription is 12 months – the price goes down if you buy 2 or 3 years up front.

    So…no. of users + access time + length of subscription = the subscription that’s right for you. Have a look at our BrainPOP_UK_School_order_form to see the different subscription types.

    A few examples:

    1) Stuart, a Deputy Head at a secondary school in Manchester, asked his management team to review BrainPOP UK during his free trial. He got great feedback across the faculty, he had the budget so he decided to buy for the whole school. He especially noted its benefit as a homework tool. His no. on roll was 1376 pupils so he choose the Blue Whale (500+ users) with 24/7 access for 12 months. They paid £699.

    2) Dawn is a Senior ICT Teacher at a Primary School in London who wanted BrainPOP UK just for KS2 pupils (she teaches Y5/6). There were 180 pupils in KS2. So she subscribed to the Lion (100-249 users) for School hours only. She also made the order within her trial period, thus securing an extra 10% discount on top. Her school paid £269.10.

    3) Robert is a Geography teacher who loves BrainPOP UK resources but the school did not have the budget to buy it for all pupils. But that didn’t stop him – he used his departmental budget to buy a Single Teacher (1 user only) which gives him 24/7 access. He was invoiced for £99 and he regularly uses it as a front of class resource as a topic starter.

    I want the School hours only subscription but my school is open 7am-5pm, not 8am-4pm.

    We can be totally flexible and set the limits bespoke for your school, within reason. Just ask.

    I’m a school and I want to use it in and out of school hours.

    Then you need to purchase the 24/7 subscription type which can be accessed anywhere you can get to the Internet.

    If I buy the 24/7 version how do my pupils log in outside of school?

    BrainPOP UK is a single sign on resource. So buying a Lion licence does not mean 249 different user names! Everyone uses the same username and password. As the product is licensed to YOUR establishment you will need to provide out of school access or authentication details via a VLE, Gateway or protected page. You are NOT allowed to publicly display your log in details. We also can offer Shibboleth authentication and IP restricted access – contact us for details.

    Can I buy BrainPOP just for e.g. Science?

    Yes, but we don’t offer a segregated “Science” subscription, or limit which topics you can access. Think about it this way: it’s likely that your Science intake numbers will fall under the Monkey/Small size subscription (up to 99 users), or possibly the Single teacher (one user only).  Either of these subscription types will give you ALL the Science topics AND all the other BrainPOP UK resources.

    Can I buy BrainPOP UK using a school credit/debit card?

    Yes. All you need to do is tell us that you want to pay by this method when you order and we’ll invoice appropriately. We’ll be in touch to organise a secure payment.

    Can I upgrade or downgrade my Subscription?

    It may be that you want more users to have access to BrainPOP UK later down the line, or indeed, less. We’re happy that you just keep BrainPOPping. You can upgrade your subscription type any time (we simply invoice you for the difference) but only downgrade when your current subscription expires. So get in touch and we’ll organise the shift.

    Can I buy for multiple schools at once? Should I buy per school or add up the number of potential users?

    Sorry not to give you a direct answer but this type of thing would need to be discussed with one of the BrainPOP UK team to make sure we build you the right subscription with the right access at the right price. It’s entirely possible though and buying for more than one school at a time will definitely save you money. We facilitate cluster group purchasing more and more these days.

    I am buying for a virtual school  – how does this work?

    Virtual schools are treated no differently to any other school in terms of how you choose your subscription and how we invoice. The purchasing organisation will be the licensed institution and will be responsible for monitoring access and managing any renewal.

    I am an International school – can I buy BrainPOP UK?

    Of course! There are many schools around the world that follow a UK curriculum. We may have a re-seller agreement in your area though so please contact us before placing your order. We would usually convert the subscription price to the current conversion rates between sterling and your local currency. Otherwise it’s business as usual and we can issue an invoice to your school.

    How do I renew?

    You won’t be automatically renewed – we want you to choose to continue. We will be in touch at several points via email, phone and by mail towards the end of your subscription period so you can plan and budget. Don’t worry about losing access whilst you organise the renewal – we’ll make sure your access continues, just ask.

    How do I place my order?

    Download the BrainPOP_UK_School_order_form > fill it in > post or fax it to us. Or just call us up. Or email us. Or Tweet us. Or come and see us at an exhibition. You decide! We’re very nice, promise.

    Are there any questions we haven’t asked and answered? You can get in touch for a private reply or post your questions as comments below.

    Remember, above all, it’s more important to us to be flexible and help you than anything else.

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