• 25 Jan
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    We were delighted and honoured to have so many kids visit our stand at BETT this year.

    But we were especially delighted to welcome Fiona, Betsie, Jack, Trafford, Bayleigh from Woodlands Primary class 4h, onto the stand along with their teacher, Mr Handley (a.k.a. @tomhenzley and author of The PGCE Survival Guide). The kids gave a presentation about BrainPOP and finished off with a quick lesson on the Heart.

    A sizeable crowd looked on as Mr Handley kicked off with a quick introduction before the kids took over:

    Here’s a prezi Mr Handley put together to accompany their presentation: A Child’s View of BrainPOP and we’ve included the full transcript below too.

    Mr H: Introduce what we are going to do – talk about BrainPOP, why the children love it and then do a mini lesson.

    Bayleigh: BrainPOP is a really cool website that we all love and we use a lot in school.

    Fiona: On BrainPOP there are lots and lots of videos, featuring our favourite characters – Tim and his Robot friend Moby.

    Betsie: Each video starts with a letter written by a child, asking Tim and Moby a question.

    Trafford: And Tim and Moby receive the letter and try and answer it in the video.

    Jack H: The video is full of lots of useful information about lots of different topics.

    Bayleigh: All the topics are interesting – many are linked into what we study in school.

    Betsie: But others are about interesting events or generally super information, that we love to learn about.

    Bayleigh: All of 4H love to watch Tim and Moby and often ask to watch Tim and Moby vidoes.

    Jack H: We can also go on BrainPOP at home – which is super for exploring with our parents and helping them to learn things too!

    Fiona: Often the videos are quite funny too and always try and with a joke or something silly.

    Trafford: At the end of each video there is also a quiz to help us show what we have learnt.

    ALL: WE LOVE Brainpop because…

    Jack H: Because it can help us with our learning

    Trafford: Because it is easy to understand.

    Bayleigh: You learn things without realising.

    Betsie: You can go on variety of different things and explore.

    Fiona: You can watch things and they are fun whilst learning.

    All: Our Favourite BrainPOP movie is…

    Fiona: Fireworks – because it’s cool to see what is inside fireworks.

    Betsie: Chocolate – because I love chocolate and it’s interesting to see how it is made!

    Jack H: Electricity – because it is really interesting as it works each day.

    Bayleigh: Heart – because it’s funny

    Trafford: Simple Equations – as it’s really interesting.

    Mr Handley finished up their presentation with a quick BrainPOP lesson using our Heart topic.

    Mr Handley takes a lesson on the Heart

    The kids’ favourite movies again for you:









    Simple Equations

    Simple Equations

    A big thank you to Mr Handley and all the kids from Woodlands Primary School for your clear dedication to BrainPOPping. We have your letters and promise to answer them soon!

    And finally, it’s no fun visiting the BrainPOP stand unless you get a hug from a big orange robot. Moby was happy to oblige.

    Kids from Woodlands Primary meet Moby

    Jack, Trafford, Bayleigh, Fiona and Betsie meet Moby

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