• 14 Jul
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    Something new has begun to be requested: BrainPOP blog badges (well, mainly badges with Moby on them, to be honest!).

    A “blog badge” is a small image that you add to the side of your blog, using an HTML or text widget. It usually links to another website.

    Bloggers sometimes display huge collections of blog badges (there’s no limit to the amount of badges you can show as long as you don’t mind a loooong page).

    They usually show support for a particular group; offer; network; company; product; website and/or everything in between. Sometimes the blogger earns a few pence when a visitor clicks the badge and buys something.

    It’s not something we’ve done before. So to test the waters we made special badges for the Scribblingmum blog (our sponsored Cybermummy) and Staining School blog (BrainPOP subscribers).

    Scribbling Mum blog badge

    • For ScribblingMum (above) we incorporated her comment “my new BFF” from her tweets and added her logo to Tim’s tshirt. It looks very dapper, we’re sure you’ll agree.
    • For Staining school (below) we asked Mr Maloney to set his class an art task and draw their own blog designs. They didn’t let us down. Eventually we picked Zara’s design: Moby in the Staining School uniform and insignia. We think it looks totally ace on their blog. You can see all the submitted badge designs on our Flickr page.

    The finished Staining school blog badge

    We’ll soon be adding a range of BrainPOP blog badges that any BrainPOP fan can use.

    But it was so much fun making badges we’re offering BrainPOP subscribers (school or home) the opportunity to have a personalised blog badge, starring Tim & Moby. It will link back to BrainPOP (or your own BrainPOP page) but we can design it so it’s unique for your blog, perhaps incorporating your colours, motto, logo or insignia.

    So if you run a blog, and subscribe to BrainPOP, email us your request (with a link to the page you’ll be putting the badge on) and we’ll see what we can do.

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