• 21 May
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    We talk about our Tim and Moby movies a lot. Of course we do. They’re what makes BrainPOP UK what it is. And our users tend to like them too.


    But did you know each movie also comes with an interactive multiple choice quiz? We call them POP Quizzes. You can find them in the bottom left of each movie page.


    You can take a POPquiz right away if you like but you will be offered the option to take it at the end of the movie too.

    Each POPquiz is 10 questions long and can be taken in one of three ways.


    POPquiz questions are directly related to events in the movie and do two things very well:

    • enable the teacher to assess the learning that happened during the movie (which is often shown front of class).
    • to provide extension activities to reflect on the learning.

    The Graded Quiz

    This is taken directly on the screen.

    The results are aggregated and you can choose to:

    1. Print your score.
    2. Email your score to any email address you like (this is particularly useful for the teacher as they can nominate their address so they get all results sent to them).
    3. View your mark out of ten on screen.


    If you choose the third option you will be able to go back and review all your responses and to reveal the correct answers.


    The Review Quiz

    The review quiz will not let the student move to the following question until they have provided the correct answer to the one they are attempting.

    Upon choosing an answer Moby pops up and tells them if they are right or wrong before taking them back to the question to try again or moving to the next. This provides immediate feedback. Plus kids love seeing Moby pop up (you can’t see it here but Moby’s head shakes from side to side if they get a “Try again”. Take a POPquiz and see for yourself).



    The Printed Quiz

    I guess this is pretty self explanatory and still a pretty popular option. It allows you to print as many copies of the POPquiz you like and then distribute out to the class to collect later for marking.


    I’d like to thank Olivia Newton John’s “Let get physical” 80’s lycra clad exercise hit for inspiration for my title pun so in homage you might want to take an actual 80’s music POP quiz.

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