• 17 Apr
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    There’s lots of great tools out there to help your students learn HOW to code, but the very first step should be to introduce and explain the concept of coding itself.

    And that’s where we can help.

    The move from ‘ICT’ to ‘Computing’ in the 2014 national curriculum is a fresh challenge to lots of UK schools. So we thought it might be useful to make our new ‘Computer Programming’ movie free to add to your website or blog. You can see below what it would look like.

    There’s no catch, it’s free and it’s up to you if you think it would be useful.

    • Embed it into your school website for parents to watch with their kids
    • Use as a primer for teacher CPD and the introduction of computing to the staff
    • Watch it in an assembly, before leaving it up on the school blog for later viewing
    • Does your school have a computing club? Embed it into your website as a promo video to help interested students get a feel for what coding is

    But we’re sure you can think of lots more uses!

    Request the code snippet by filling in the form on this page. Happy programming, everyone 🙂

    Fill out my online form.

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  • 15 Aug
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    Many school websites and blogs will be starting up or getting a refresh this summer. It’s a perfect time to add a POPbox!

    Our “POPbox” is a free embeddable BrainPOP movie player that displays the daily free topics and resources. It’s perfect for a bite size learning opportunity. See the example below.

    It changes every day of the year and often ties into historical or global events.

    A few of the reasons schools have embedded our POPbox into their website…

    • “To promote my kids to watch your videos and encourage them to do the activities related, in a easy way for them to learn english while enjoying.”
    • “To promote safer internet day and for a class assembly.”
    • “For my students. We are studying the structure and function of leaves right now.”
    • “I use brainpop everyday in my room and think it would be fantastic to have it directly on our website!”
    • “We are trialling this in KS2 class and also starting to blog so to combine the two would be cool.”
    • “I want to get our school to subscribe to BrainPOP, and have the featured movie on the main student homepage to encourage students to go on the main website and look up stuff that interests them!”

    And a few examples of where some schools and teachers have placed it…

    Greenfield Primary School blog screenshot

    Use a POPbox as a visual reminder for staff and pupils that the school has access to BrainPOP

    Parkfield 2 Minute ICT Challenges

    Set as a daily 2 minute exercise

    Raff's rant blog

    Incorporate into your teacher blog

    Shinmin Junior High screenshot

    Add as part of a link bank on your website


    Embedded into class and student blogs

    PS: If you run a self hosted WordPress blog you can add our POPbox as a plugin: http://www.brainpop.co.uk/blog/request-a-popbox/popbox-wordpress-plugin/.

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  • 04 Oct
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    Today we’re welcoming ICT subject leader and seasoned BrainPOP educator, Dawn Hallybone, to POPtalk. She’s guest posted for us on how she’s used BrainPOP “on the go”, as a classroom teacher and parent.

    She’s been discovering new ways to interact with BrainPOP resources and has kindly shared some tips below, that you could potentially implement tomorrow.

    What is Mobile Learning?

    MoleNet defines it as:

    “…the exploitation of ubiquitous handheld technologies, together with wireless and mobile phone networks, to facilitate, support, enhance and extend the reach of teaching and learning.

    It is the words in bold that particularly appeal to me as a teacher and as a parent, and BrainPOP, always at the forefront of educational innovation, have stepped into mobile technology. Kids shouldn’t wait for it be ‘school’ time to access learning – they should have access to learning wherever they are.

    Moby holding an iPhone

    The first thing to know is that the BrainPOP App for iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads is free – a huge bonus for teachers and parents. It features a movie of the day as well as another 21 movies that can also be accessed, 3 from each of their 7 curriculum categories.

    It looks as clear on an iTouch as it does on an iPad. This potentially enables the learning  to be supported and enhanced both at home and in school, as there’s a good chance some homes will have one or more Apple mobile devices.

    And I’m not the only one to think that this app is rather good as it has just been included in Tap magazine’s 100 Greatest Apps of All Time in the ‘Learn’ category!

    The app can be used in many ways, but here’s a few ways I’d recommend you try to get started with a mobile version of BrainPOP:

    1. Watch the movie of the day in the morning – very often these are chosen to combine with items in the news.
    2. Find one movie that interests you, watch it and share with a partner – what did you learn, what made you choose it?
    3. Ask children to use it to research a topic – use that to perhaps produce a talk or presentation.
    4. Share a movie at home with a family member – the movies can be played on the TV via a Wii or Playstation 3.
    5. What would you ask Tim and Moby to explain? Send your questions to Tim & Moby, care of the BrainPOP team. All questions on the site come from children.

    There are obviously many more uses – the POPquiz option at the end of a movie is a great way of assessing learning and children can take this quiz on their own device and keep trying to improve their own score.

    But “mobile learning” could also come under a “multi channel” approach e.g. accessing resources where the pupils want to interact with it.

    As well as the app, BrainPOP UK have also created “POPboxes“. These are elements for a webpage (free again!) that feature the movie of the day that can embedded into a webpage, blog , VLE, intranet, school website etc – you do not have to sign up to BrainPOP to access this either and it automatically updates the movie every day.

    We have installed these on our school blogs and year group blogs – another way for the children and parents to access this fantastic resource and use at home.

    So if you haven’t got the app or the POPBox – what’s stopping you?

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  • 19 Jul
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    Whether you’re heading off on holiday shortly, or you’re staying put for your summer break, we thought we’d remind you, in a not very eloquent or grammatically correct style, that we ain’t goin’ nowhere!

    We’ll still be answering the phones if you have any questions and Tim & Moby will still be answering your questions all summer long.

    Tim & Moby enjoy the sun

    1. Send Tim & Moby home to Mums and Dads.

    BrainPOP is a great tool for encouraging parental engagement. If you have a 24/7 school subscription we’ve provided a letter template for you to alter as you see fit and send home with the kids at the end of term.

    Simply download the template, alter as you see fit, send home with your pupils, and the learning can go on all summer.

    Download the letter template

    2. Get a BrainPOP hit every day with our Daily Featured Movie.

    As well as featuring a different movie for free on the homepage every day, the same movie features on our free featured movie App and our POPbox.

    Featured Movie App on an iPad

    You can download our free App from the iTunes store to access our featured movie on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch.

    Or, if you fancy seeing our featured movie on your own website or blog every day,  request a POPbox .

    3. Have no fear, Tim & Moby will be here

    You might have a fresh set of eager minds to engage and inspire in the new school term and we’re sure you’re already thinking of ways to tackle the post-summer gloom (or, back to school over-excitement!) with gusto. Let Tim & Moby help your students get back in their learning stride.

    Use Deep Beep, our curriculum matching tool, to see if there are topics mapped to the curriculum you’ll be following in the new term.

    And remember that we add new topics to the site every week – and we’ll keep it up all summer long! We’re certain there’ll be a few new bright gems to capture your own bright gems’ attention: What’s new?

    Sun Protection

    One final point…remember to stay safe in the sun and don’t let an orange robot anywhere near your suntan lotion. You have been warned.

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  • 15 Mar
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    POPboxes are another brand new BrainPOP UK feature for 2010.

    A POPbox enables you to embed our Featured movie right into a webpage! This is what it would look like:

    Sounds pretty fun, doesn’t it? So every time we update our free featured movie it will appear as if by magic in your webpage. Or classroom blog. Or VLE. Or intranet. Or School website…

    Now, we only want it to go to deserving homes where Tim & Moby will feel comfortable spending a bit of time. We will have to approve any requests for a featured movie POPbox. That’s the golden rule.

    So if you want to “POP a POPbox” on your website go to the POPbox request page and fill in the small form. We’ll then be in touch with the code and the rest is up to you.

    How does it work?

    The POPbox is a code snippet that you need to copy and paste to the body of your HTML page. Saving and publishing the page will make it show up.

    What if it doesn’t show up?

    We’ve found that some VLEs, or web platforms e.g. hosted WordPress.com blogs, will block Javascript being displayed via a security setting in the browser. POPtalk is a self hosted WordPress blog (www.wordpress.org) so we can control what gets shown and what doesn’t.

    Getting security settings changed is a matter for your Support technicians or VLE Manager. It might be (although we hope not) that you cannot display our POPboxes at all due to technical restrictions. Sorry.

    Can we choose our own BrainPOP movies to show?

    No. The featured movie POPbox will change automatically every time we update it so it will remain refreshed. But we decide what and when. It can only show one movie at at time. If you have a special educational event, research announcement, promotion or similar that you think would benefit from a BrainPOP UK movie/POPbox to accompany it we may be able to help – just get in touch.

    Does it come with the POPquiz?

    Sorry, it’s the movie only. To use the POPquizzes you will have to be a subscriber. There is a button in the movie player to make the POPboxes full screen though.

    Do I need to be subscribed to BrainPOP UK to get a POPbox?

    Nope. But you do need to agree to place it onto an appropriate web space. And we reserve the right to allow or deny a website access to a POPbox. As to what is deemed “appropriate”… we hope it can be informed by old fashioned common sense. But if you’re not sure add your questions as comments below or ask!

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