• 17 Feb
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    On Sunday 19th February, we’re making a few discreet changes to the website, changes you might not even notice, but rest assured we’re making them with you in mind.

    We’ve added so many new topics since BrainPOP UK began (way back when, even before the little movie that could) that some of our subject categories are no longer adequate to contain them all.

    We’re going to rename a few of our subject categories and move a small number of topics into different categories, where they’ll be more at home.

    Renaming subject categories

    One example being that Science categories will change from this:

    Old categories

    To this:

    new science categories

    Redistributing topics

    We’re not removing anything from the site, just re-distributing e.g. adding The Beatles to “History: Famous People” as well as “Arts: Famous People” categories. Makes sense, really.

    Please note:

    1. You might have bookmarked movie or category URLs, saved them in your VLE or have them embedded in lesson plans

    Each page on BrainPOP has a unique URL – a helpful feature if you want to link to specific movies and find them quickly, whether from a VLE or even just saved on your own pc. Because of the slight changes, a small number of bookmarks may no longer work.

    If for example, you had the following URL saved:

    Fossil Fuels old url

    As of Monday 20th February, you might receive an “Page not Found” message if you click on it. It’s very easy to fix! A quick keyword search for “fossil fuels” and it’ll pop up as usual.

    Click on the movie icon and you’ll see the new URL appear as:

    Fossil Fuels updated url

    What can I do if my bookmarks are affected?

    Re-find the topic and edit your bookmark(s). Remember, nothing is being deleted, a few movies are being moved from one space to another.

    2. You may have automatic login links that point to specific movies

    Quite a few BrainPOP subscribers have asked us for scripted login links over the years. We provide these for ease of integration with VLEs, websites, and various other school tools.

    What can I do if my automatic login links are affected?

    Please contact your school administrator so they can update the auto-login link. Otherwise, email info@brainpop.co.uk or call 0800 141 2404 and we’ll get those sorted for you as soon as we can.

    We hope you’ll see the benefit of the changes and please get in touch if you have any questions! We recommend you have a quick check of any bookmarks or links you have saved before lessons you have planned and follow the advice above.

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  • 08 Dec
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    If you’re a BrainPOP UK school subscriber, make sure to keep an eye out for a copy of our 2012 Spotlights Calendar arriving in the post shortly. The calendar features monthly spotlights which bring together hand-picked movies relating to a central theme.

    BrainPOP 2012 calendar

    As well as it being a beautiful piece of art (ahem!) we’ve packed it with helpful features to delight throughout the year, including:

    • Use our Tip of the Month as inspiration for fun new ways to integrate BrainPOP into your day
    • Keep an eye out for movie icons on specific dates throughout the year – those movies will be featured on that date
    • Use the featured movies as a guide for planning lessons each month – we do our best to ensure they’re timely and topical
    • Have your students add their birthdays and pick their favourite BrainPOP movie to watch that day
    • Teacher’s Choice movies were selected as favourites by BrainPOP teachers from across the UK – why not add your favourite movies to the calendar?

    We’ll be handing calendars out at BETT in January again and  sending them out to all new BrainPOP school subscribers next year (while stocks last!)

    If you’re not a school subscriber but are still keen to get a copy of our beautiful calendar, just email info@brainpop.co.uk with your request and we’ll see what we can do.


    British History

    In March, delve into Britain’s past with the time travelling duo, Tim & Moby, and enjoy this collection of history resources: kings, queens, invasions, and war, with a little bit of black death thrown in for good measure.


    Fancy a tune in April? Well, best take note of the animated movies in this music spotlight. Learn about composers and artists who have, in one way or another, shaped what you hear in the charts today.

    Information Literacy

    If you’ve got a project or assignment coming up, this information literacy spotlight will be a good place to start! We gather together information on how to research, reference, prepare and get reading.

    While you’re waiting for these thrillers to arrive, check out the resources available on our existing Spotlights. We’ll be updating them throughout the year with new movies and activities so it’s always worthwhile revisiting each month.

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  • 27 Oct
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    Last year we had a jolly old Halloween time wearing FrankenMoby masks and carving Moby pumpkins.

    This year, to celebrate the fact we have an awesome new Halloween movie, we thought we would deliver some treats (no tricks!) for you to enjoy once again.

    Ever wonder why we wear costumes on Halloween? Well, watch our new movie and you’ll find out in no time! Tim and Moby will teach you all about the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, and how it inspired today’s Halloween traditions. You’ll also learn about the Christian holidays of All Saints Day and All Souls Day, and why they were created.

    Finally, you’ll discover the origins of fun Halloween activities like bobbing for apples, trick-or-treating, and carving pumpkins. Don’t be scared – watch this movie!

    A jack-o-lantern from our new Halloween movie

    Watch the new Halloween movie

    Last year, it was all about the FrankenMoby mask but this year we’re vamping it up with Tim! Download and cut out for a Halloween look with a BrainPOP twist:

    Vampire Tim mask

    Click to download, print off, and cut out!

    If you’re feeling a little more monstrous this Halloween, meet FrankenMoby. He’s not scary, he’s just misunderstood.

    FrankenMoby mask

    Click to download, print off and cut out!

    And if you’re anything like us guys, you’ll be keen to get flexing those pumpkin carving muscles this weekend but why be ghoulish? We’d go for a Moby pumpkin over a demonic pumpkin any day – he’s just that little bit more…orange! Make sure to get an adult to help.

    Pumpkin Moby Template

    Click to download and print off!

    We’d love to see your BrainPOP Halloween pics! Whether you have a go at carving a pumpkin or pop a mask on to freak out your friends, post your photos to our Facebook page and we’ll make sure to send you some goodies (some of which may come in Halloweeny orange would you believe?).

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  • 06 Apr
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    We couldn’t help noticing that Spring is upon us. Well, in Oxford at least!

    Spring has sprung

    And with all the sunshine, April showers, fresh buds on trees and fuzzy ducklings paddling down the Thames we can’t help but appreciate all the weird and wonderful transmutations and metamorphoses happening all around us with the changing seasons.

    If you’re at all like us and suffering from a severe case of loving nature at this time of year (or any time of year for that matter!), we’d like to draw your attention to our Animals and Plants category in Science where we’ve got four fantastic new topics:

    Camouflage topic

    Camouflage - learn about the different methods animals use to hide from both prey and predator.


    Carnivorous Plants topic

    Chomp chomp chomp! Welcome to the sticky world of Carnivorous Plants.

    Carnivorous Plants

    Cnidarians topic

    Cnidarians, or jellyfish to you and me. But how exactly do you pronounce it anyway?


    Monotremes topic

    Egg-laying? Duck-billed? Take time to learn all about magnificent Monotremes.


    If those don’t make you get outdoors armed with a magnifying glass, here are a few more Spring-related topics to help get you in Attenborough mode:

    And, if you happen to be one of the millions of unlucky people who suffer from hay fever in the warmer months, Tim & Moby help explain why in our new Allergies topic. Not much comfort, we know 🙁


    See more new movies >>>

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