• 24 Feb
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    We ran our last badge competition in 2013 (see the winning designs), and it’s time to welcome some new Moby badges. The bar was set super high last time, so get un-cap your felt tips and get your creative hats on!

    Badges selection

    The winner will not only be sent a first edition print of their badge, but also the first children in the world to get a pack of our upcoming new badge collection.

    This competition is open to anyone under 16. All you need to do is:

    1. Download and print our Badge Design Template. IMPORTANT: Use the big circle for your design and keep inside the lines as best you can (we’ve added an “actual size” circle too so you have an idea of how big your badge would be in real life).
    2. You must design a badge inspired by one of our topics.
    3. Your design must incorporate Moby in some way – perhaps in costume, or in a famous historical setting, or in the style of your favourite artist! The possibilities are endless. For inspiration see some of the badges we’ve made in the past. But be creative as you like!
    4. Don’t take too long! The competition closes midnight 30th March 2016.
    5. Scan or photograph it and send it to us using the form below.

    This competition is now closed.

    We’ll pick our favourite designs which will be made into REAL Moby badges later this summer.

    Submission criteria

    • Finished work must be submitted using the Badge Design Competition template
    • This competition is for children up to 16 years old
    • The winner will be chosen by the BrainPOP UK team (Moby and BrainPOP’s decision is final)
    • The winning design will be interpreted by the BrainPOP design team and re-created in the BrainPOP graphics style (BrainPOP’s design decision is final)
    • Entries must be received by midnight 30th March 2016 (entries received after the competition deadline will not be considered)
    • The winners will be contacted by email. Failure to provide a working email address will void your entry
    • Winning entries will be showcased on this blog, and possibly in future promotions
    • You can read our full competition terms and conditions on our website.

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  • 20 Apr
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    Would you like to own a super rare ‘Vote Moby’ badge? We printed a handful for the UK election and we’d like to share them. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Fill in the form below if you want one.

    Vote Moby badges

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