• 19 Jan

    Does your school subscribe to BrainPOP UK?

    Is your school a Google apps user with a Google apps domain?

    Then pour yourself a nice hot cup of tea, sit down, and take a deep breath. We’ve got some major news for you.

    We’ve teamed up with Google to provide schools and LAs that are Google Apps users with a Google Apps domain to access BrainPOP UK resources via your Google account AND to be able to export quiz results directly into a Google Doc spreadsheet.

    And the app is completely free.

    Bet you’re glad you sat down now, eh?

    BrainPOP UK Google app dropdown

    Look! It's BrainPOP UK in your Google toolbar

    Single Sign-On

    If you’re logged into your school Google account you can now access BrainPOP UK straight from your toolbar.

    1. Ask your Google Administrator to add the BrainPOP UK app. Search the Google EDU Marketplace for BrainPOP UK.
    2. Click ‘Add’.
    3. Under “configure” you add your BrainPOP UK login details. This links your Google account with your BrainPOP account.

    You will now be able to access BrainPOP UK seamlessly under your Google toolbar under “More” alongside other apps you’ve installed.

    This means you now have the convenience of a single sign-on. Teachers and students will be able to access BrainPOP UK directly using their Google Apps account. Cool, huh?

    That’s not all. The REALLY cool bit is next.

    Track and Store Student Progress using Google docs

    After completing any BrainPOP UK graded quiz, a 4th option will magically appear – “Send to Teacher’s Google Spreadsheet”.

    Google - send to teachers spreadsheet

    Send your BrainPOP UK quiz results to your teacher's spreadsheet

    Once they do, the student will be prompted for the teacher’s email address. The results will be automatically sent to a spreadsheet that will appear among the teacher’s Google docs. Within the spreadsheet, each topic the teacher assigns gets its own worksheet (“tab”), storing students’ first, second, and most recent quiz score along with their names and Google App IDs. A summary sheet is included to help teachers further customise the data.

    Remember – students will only have the option of sending their answers to their teacher’s spreadsheet if the student has logged in to BrainPOP UK through Google Apps. If you log directly into BrainPOP UK this 4th option will not appear.

    Stuff you might want to know

    How do I integrate my BrainPOP UK account with Google Apps?

    When the app is installed, the system administrator will be prompted to integrate the accounts. If you do not integrate the accounts, or you do not have a BrainPOP UK account, you will still be able to access our free content through the Universal Navigation Menu and enjoy the integration of our quizzes with Google Spreadsheets.

    Can I sign in to BrainPOP UK manually and still send my results to a spreadsheet?

    No, the ability to save quiz results to a teacher’s spreadsheet is only available when you access BrainPOP UK directly from Google Apps.

    When I choose to send my results, I’m asked for my teacher’s email address. Which one should I use?

    You’ll need to use your teacher’s Google Apps email address to make sure the quiz results are sent properly. Ask him or her what that is.

    Why can’t I resend my results after choosing the “Retake the Quiz” option?

    You can’t send your quiz results more than once in a single session. The next time you visit BrainPOP UK to take the quiz, however, you will be able to.

    I use Google Docs at school. Am I able to take advantage of this integration?

    While Google Apps does utilise Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets, your school must be a Google Apps user with a Google Apps domain.

    Learn a little more from this Google video about the EDU marketplace

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