• 27 Oct
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    Last year we had a jolly old Halloween time wearing FrankenMoby masks and carving Moby pumpkins.

    This year, to celebrate the fact we have an awesome new Halloween movie, we thought we would deliver some treats (no tricks!) for you to enjoy once again.

    Ever wonder why we wear costumes on Halloween? Well, watch our new movie and you’ll find out in no time! Tim and Moby will teach you all about the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, and how it inspired today’s Halloween traditions. You’ll also learn about the Christian holidays of All Saints Day and All Souls Day, and why they were created.

    Finally, you’ll discover the origins of fun Halloween activities like bobbing for apples, trick-or-treating, and carving pumpkins. Don’t be scared – watch this movie!

    A jack-o-lantern from our new Halloween movie

    Watch the new Halloween movie

    Last year, it was all about the FrankenMoby mask but this year we’re vamping it up with Tim! Download and cut out for a Halloween look with a BrainPOP twist:

    Vampire Tim mask

    Click to download, print off, and cut out!

    If you’re feeling a little more monstrous this Halloween, meet FrankenMoby. He’s not scary, he’s just misunderstood.

    FrankenMoby mask

    Click to download, print off and cut out!

    And if you’re anything like us guys, you’ll be keen to get flexing those pumpkin carving muscles this weekend but why be ghoulish? We’d go for a Moby pumpkin over a demonic pumpkin any day – he’s just that little bit more…orange! Make sure to get an adult to help.

    Pumpkin Moby Template

    Click to download and print off!

    We’d love to see your BrainPOP Halloween pics! Whether you have a go at carving a pumpkin or pop a mask on to freak out your friends, post your photos to our Facebook page and we’ll make sure to send you some goodies (some of which may come in Halloweeny orange would you believe?).

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  • 25 Oct
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    They're ALIVE!!!!

    Let FrankenMoby bring out the monster in you this Halloween! Download, cut out and “wear and scare” your friends! We’d love to see what you look like in your masks. Post your Frankenmoby pictures to our Facebook page.

    Download, print and cut out.

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  • 25 Oct
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    It’s the time of year again when the nights draw in, your breath comes out in clouds for the first time in months, and you can’t get through a supermarket without falling into a huge pile of pumpkins! So, we thought it was time to get into the Halloween spirit and invite you over to the dark side of BrainPOP.

    We’ve discovered that for every great horror movie in the world, there’s a BrainPOP movie to match (well, almost!). Below, you’ll find a selection of movies which we’ll be making free and featured each day next week.

    5. Eight-legged lovelies, we’ve gone for Arachnaphobia today. Don’t worry though, there aren’t any giant killer spiders in our Spiders topic (free and featured today!)

    Maybe spiders won’t seem so scary once you’ve learned about all the good things they do for us?!

    4. In at number 4 for Tuesday, it’s The 6th Sense. It’s an over 15 so not for kids but the BrainPOP topics about the senses certainly are. We’ve got topics about Taste, Touch, Smell and Hearing but we’ve decided to make Vision our featured topic for the day because of the famous line whispered by the young Haley Joel Osment. We’re not giving anything away though!

    Many people believe that vision is the most important of our senses, but how exactly do our eyes work?

    3. An absolute classic was followed by many sequels (of varying watchability and quality) but the Terminator won out for Wednesday. It has a 15 certificate for many reasons but we all know there’s nothing scary about robots in real life, especially orange robots. Learn all about them this Wednesday with our Robots topic.

    Learn how robots can venture into extreme environments that humans simply can't.

    2. Bram Stoker has a lot to answer for. His book, written in 1897 inspired this ancient favourite for Thursday – we’ve opted for the 1931 Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi. And we couldn’t pick which BrainPOP topic to go with this one so you have a choice of two. Try our Bats topic which we’ll feature for free on Thursday morning or, learn all about Blood – and why vampires love it so – which we’ll feature on Thursday afternoon.

    Like mice with wings!

    1. It’s another movie made way back in 1931, Frankenstein – a monster of a horror classic you might say. Frankenstein is our free featured topic for Friday.

    It provides an overview of what Mary Shelley's novel (published almost 200 years ago in 1818) is really about and who the real monster is.

    And, as an extra special treat (no tricks here!) here’s a FrankenMoby mask you can download, print and cut out. Wear it on Halloween for a big orange fright fest!

    Click to start download

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