• 02 Sep
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    We’re about to welcome a brand new feature to BrainPOP UK: The FYI.

    FYIs contain astonishing facts, figures and information, to be used as extension material to the BrainPOP UK movies. Every movie will soon have its very own FYI.

    And, just for fun, we’re putting together a little viral movie that we want YOU to star in called “How many ways are there to say “For Your Information“?

    It’s very simple.

    1. Video yourself or create an image saying/displaying the phrase “For Your Information“.
    2. Say it, shout it, whisper it, sing it, sign it, synthesise it. Write it on a blackboard. Create it in alphabetti spaghetti. Ask your parrot to repeat it. Any way you like (be creative but no naughtiness please).
    3. Submit your video or image using the form below or by email to info@brainpop.co.uk

    Some last things:

    • It has to be your own original work. Don’t include any commercial music or anything as we won’t be able to use it.
    • The final edit will be going on our Youtube channel as an embeddable, sharable movie.
    • The best/most creative/funniest “For Your Information” will win a 6 month subscription to BrainPOP UK. Editor’s decision is final. Everyone who submits an entry will have a sneak peak at some of the FYIs in advance.
    • The cut off date for submissions is 5pm 9th September 2010, so you’ve only got about a week to join in. Its premiere will be 13th September, alongside the FYIs.

    So go for it! Tim, Moby & The BrainPOP UK team cannot wait to see what you can do.

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