• 22 Apr
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    We’re excited to be working with Dundee City Council to provide their schools with free access to BrainPOP UK until June 17th 2016.

    BrainPOP on Dundee GLOW dashboard

    To access BrainPOP all you need to do is login to your Dundee GLOW dashboard and find the BrainPOP tiles.

    Each tile is matched to a different subject area for the Curriculum for Excellence. Clicking a tile takes you to a page about BrainPOP’s resources with an button to launch the BrainPOP site.

    What do teachers in Dundee think about BrainPOP?

    “Most of our upper school classes access Brainpop regularly throughout the year. It is often used as an introduction to new topics and concepts, particularly in IDL and health. The young people really enjoy the short videos and the quizzes afterwards. We play the quizzes individual, in groups or as a class. The information is always accurate and often challenging. We use it as part of homework tasks and the children can access BrainPOP from home.

    BrainPOP works well alongside our BYOD, groups can work independently and can take notes to feedback to the class. It provides a ‘string to our teaching bow’, and is always a highlight in the class. The follow up activities are often challenging and open up opportunities for discussion.‎”

    Mrs Mathers, P7 teacher, Craigowl primary school, Dundee

    ‎”We absolutely love BrainPOP at Rosebank…the children have learned a great deal from it, have watched many of the videos and the teachers have used several lesson plans with great success and engagement. It is so comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics, so we nearly always find a video to enhance lessons.‎”

    Dawn Stanfield, Headteacher, Rosebank primary school, Dundee

    “I love BrainPOP – I find the videos are very interesting for the children, covering a wide range of topics and we also used the quizzes and activities that accompanied the films.”

    Mrs Young, P7 teacher, Dens Road primary school, Dundee

    “BrainPOP has been used at St John’s High School in Dundee for over 4 years. All teachers and students at St John’s access BrainPOP via GLOW, giving instant access for everyone in school and at home. Our pupils enjoy BrainPOP and we have even used it with our senior students. ”

    Dave Keenan, Principal teacher of modern studies, St John’s Rc High School, Dundee

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  • 19 Aug
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    Your Scotland - Have Your Say competition logo

    We’re super excited to team up with RM, J2E, Young Enterprise Scotland, Falkirk and Dundee City Councils on the new “Your Scotland – Have Your Say” competition.

    The competition is STEM focused, and intended to encourage pupils to:

    • develop research skills
    • investigate challenges that affect Scotland
    • propose how they would solve them

    How will it work?

    From 17th August – 9th October 2015, BrainPOP UK will be made available to every primary school in Falkirk Council and Dundee City Council through their Glow Launch Pad.

    Primary school pupils across these two Local Authorities have been asked to identify and research a problem in Scotland which they think may cause problems for their school or town over the next five years and come up with a solution.

    There’s 2 parts – a research and topic inspiration stage using BrainPOP UK, followed by an animated video creation stage using J2E’s terrific J2spotlight tool, outlining what they’ve discovered and their proposed solutions.

    Tim and Moby - Your Scotland competition

    A board of judges will then review these presentations and a winner will be announced in November.

    To learn more about this competition visit the official competition page where you will find the students’ competition brief, how to get started and hints and tips of where to start.

    Please follow @RMUnify, @BrainPOP_UK, and @just2easy_com for tweets about the competition and use hashtags #yourscotland and #glowscot.

    Tim & Moby are looking forward to seeing what the pupils in Dundee and Falkirk produce! Who knows, there could be a world changing idea out there just waiting to be discovered…

    Your Scotland - Have Your Say competition partners

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  • 27 Aug
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    We all know CPD is important but there’s no excuse for dull sessions. We think the CPD Workshop we held at Rockwell High School in Dundee this week was  successful, because we got great feedback. But, we’re always learning and would love to hear what else we could have do to make them better.

    We believe it’s fun to get teachers involved at CPD workshops, not just talk at them – you wouldn’t expect pupils to just sit and listen, so why should you?

    The CPD Workshop was led by Kim Conway, our BrainPOP UK Ambassador in Scotland, and boy does she love a bit of  audience participation! Engagement is, in part, about valuing the contribution and role of the learners, and bringing ‘a little something’ was a popular choice for Kim’s Dundee attendees. So, she set out a BrainPOP UK pack, chocolate and badge for each teacher for some competition fun. Welcome to our world, Dundee…

    A goody bag

    • Lucky badges – Everybody got the same badge apart from two lucky teachers; BrainPOP UK goody bags were handed over to smiling winners – it should teach folk to sit nearer the front next time.
    • BrainPOP UK pen – Winning a pen turned out to be a bit of a flop with a mixed response from attendees – we guess a pen’s a pen in the end!
    • Class set of BrainPOP UK badges – For coming to the front and answering a complete quiz, well done Darren!
    • T-shirt competition – Well done Christine Howie from Clepington Primary School – you should have received your T-shirt by now so please wear with pride.

    Quiz time! BrainPOP UK quizzes can be done in different ways, to reflect the different models of assessment and classroom management that teachers might use them. There’s more about this in our blog post, ‘Let’s get quizzical‘. Kim used the Graded Quiz option, using a ‘summative’ assesment model. The graded quizzes were good fun; attendees answered questions but didn’t get immediate feedback about whether they got it  right. It turns out, they got 8/10! Great result, but definately scope for improvement and more BrainPOPping!

    Curriculum for Excellence – Another highlight for attendees was seeing our Curriculum Matching Tool, Deep Beep, as each topic is mapped to Curriculum for Excellence.

    Supporting Curriculum for Excellence

    Tim and Moby support Curriculum for Excellence

    We had some great feedback from attendees which we’ll definitely take on board.  Here’s a small selection of quotes…

    Which parts of the CPD workshop were most useful?

    “Going through the curricular areas to see what was available in terms of matching CfE outcomes and experiences”

    “Demonstrating the movies and examples of quiz format. The curriculum matching tool is really useful”

    “Associated movies and further links”

    “The demonstration of how the site could be used within the school. Hands on approach”

    What could be improved?

    “Once we know how the quiz works/procedure for answering/giving wrong answers – more time can then be spent on becoming more familiar with other features”

    “Don’t use up time trying to coax teachers up out of their seats”

    How do you intend to use the skills/knowledge you have learned today in your school?

    “I intend to pass on to other staff members and inform them of the free trial so they can take advantage of this fabulous resource”

    “Will use it until September for literacy and Numeracy and let the children have a go and get feedback from them too”

    “Pass on info and ask staff to trial – make a school decision based on usage and value”

    “Share with colleagues. Poss use parts of some movies to introduce topics, stimulate discussion”

    How might BrainPOP UK help you in future?

    “Introducing topics or evaluating knowledge of topics”

    “Allow children to back up the classroom learning after a lesson or as a teaching tool during the lesson”

    “If movies are developed for infants would use it”

    And, what important things did we learn for future CPD workshops?

    1. Check the mute button isn’t on before starting (doh!)
    2. Don’t…assume…anything…

    Thank you to Louise from Dundee City Council for her help making this workshop happen and to Kim for her unyielding dedication to BrainPOPping.

    What makes a great CPD session? What would you expect at a BrainPOP UK session? What horror stories can you share, and tips from the best?

    Looking forward to seeing you at a BrainPOP UK event soon!

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