• 17 Nov
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    BrainPOP UK is looking for a Content and Website Geek.

    Go and look at our website. Then come back.

    Hi again. Cool, isn’t it? What do you think, though? Did you get a rush of blood to the head thinking how you would manage and improve the BrainPOP UK website? Do you get goosebumps thinking about all the wonderful ways those movies can be organised? Can you think of ways we could improve the way our website works?

    You do? Yay!

    We’re looking to find someone who not only gets animated Flash content but geeks out on producing it, managing it, tagging it, and how best to display it. We’ve got many more digital resources coming and ambitions to change the face of elearning in UK Schools.

    Essentially, you’ll be in charge of our movies and quizzes. Those that are being made, those that are already there, and helping us plan new ones. This is no small task and we don’t offer that responsibility lightly. You make things happen quickly and without fuss. You’ll have to be able to demonstrate project and asset management skills. You’ll also have to be gifted in HTML, CSS and UX, enough to help us make front end changes.

    Schools, Teachers and kids love BrainPOP UK and Tim & Moby. We don’t take that for granted. Everything we do revolves around putting the customer first and trying to understand how they work and what their needs are. You will be an integral part of that ethos.

    You should:

    • Have experience of working with a CMS, digital assets and data organisation.
    • Can build and maintain a production schedule coordinating script writers, animators, programmers and audio talent.
    • Have a sound familiarity with HTML and CSS/site design, enough to get by and improve on.
    • Get that listening to our customers is as important as talking to them – you will need to discover and implement ways to react to their pedagogical, content and technical needs.
    • Relish the idea of working in a small company, start-up culture and hot-house environment, with all the pleasure and pain that brings. You will represent a big chunk of BrainPOP UK and you will be working with some extremely talented people. You will have to stand up and be counted.
    • Be demonstrably great at working across boundaries – you’ll be liaising between international teams and will have to have exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.
    • Be excited about working under our team motto: “Always be yourself, but on a good day“.

    You shouldn’t:

    Be a developer. You will be bored. This is a job for an organiser; a content guru; a multimedia aficionado.

    It would be nice if:

    • You understood VLE and managed systems/portals such as Sharepoint, Moodle etc.
    • You had a background in some capacity in the education arena, get the jargon and our market place idiosyncrasies. If not, do your homework.
    • You could show a solid knowledge of Javascript, Actionscript 2, Flash, dynamic content and flashvars.

    What do you get in return?

    • You get to work in our brand new offices in Summertown, in Oxford.
    • You get to work inside one of the most fun and exciting elearning companies in the world, with international offices and millions of users.
    • You get to develop relationships with some of the most interesting, passionate (and challenging!) customers there are: Teachers, Parents and Kids.
    • You get flexible working, around core hours, to be part of an ethical and socially responsible business, and you’ll get the time, tools and training to allow you to grow and flourish.
    • We know how to spot talent and will pay above market value for it! The salary range  is £20k and £30 – but don’t be afraid to pitch to us.

    OK, now we have your attention how do you apply?

    1. Send us a critique of the content management of BrainPOP UK. We could tell you what to comment on, but we believe that if you have read this far you will know what we are looking for and have something to say!
    2. Tell us in what ways you answer our needs. You know you have the right stuff, tell us about it.

    What form your responses take and what media you use is up to you. Surprise us!

    So, how long have you got to apply?

    Applications close on December 4th 2009. Interviews will be held w/c 14th December.

    Applications to:  info@brainpop.co.uk

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