• 06 Jun
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    BrainPOP Ambassador for the North, Jude, has been zooming around meeting BrainPOPpers at lots of different schools for a few months now and, a couple of weeks ago, she called in at the Phoenix Pupil Support Centre in Wigan to see how BrainPOP is used in a non-traditional school setting.

    Cue Jude trundling down the M62 to meet Clare Lynch and the gang, BrainPOP subscribers since 2009.

    Tim & Moby zooming around

    The centre offers additional support to kids at a time they might need it and helps  them continue back into mainstream education. The small but well-formed teaching team delivers subjects across the curriculum up to KS4, as well as optional ASDAN and Environmental Qualifications. Here’s how Jude got on…

    A staffroom session with Jude

    The staffroom was busy but I managed to squeeze in a word with quite a few members of staff.

    It turns out the Science department are the biggest BrainPOP fans in the school. This is often the case at schools – Science is our largest subject area and topics are abundant – but after discussions with some of the other staff we found that BrainPOP movies are particularly useful for subjects like PSHE too.

    A good example was the 999 movie. Class teacher, Adele, said she had just been covering the topic with her class. We both learned something new too! I didn’t know that if you are unable to speak to the operator, you can dial “5” twice to let them know you’re there. You’ll have to watch the movie for more information.

    Moby reports a burglary

    I also grabbed a word with Alan, the Music and Art teacher. He admitted he would like to see more Arts topics on BrainPOP to which I replied, “They’re on the way!” If you’re thirsting for more like Alan, keep an eye on our new movies section as we’re always adding new content to the site.

    Alan also wasn’t aware that we always like to hear your topic suggestions too. Remember, if there’s a topic you’d like to see on BrainPOP just Ask Tim & Moby.

    We can’t promise to answer every question but, who knows? One day you might check in to the new movies page to see Tim and Moby tackling your specialist chosen subject!

    So, was using BrainPOP in a pupil support unit any different to a traditional school setting?

    In short, not at all. Due to the small teaching team at the centre, teachers often have to teach outside their subject area, and BrainPOP is particularly helpful when teaching unfamiliar subjects.  Also, the movies succeed in engaging learners who can be difficult to impress at times.

    Apart from that, the story was the same as most other BrainPOP schools: some people love Moby, some people love Tim, and some people aren’t willing to admit they love either so have to be BrainPOP fans on the sly.

    It’s okay though, your secret’s safe with us 😉

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