• 15 Mar
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    POPboxes are another brand new BrainPOP UK feature for 2010.

    A POPbox enables you to embed our Featured movie right into a webpage! This is what it would look like:

    Sounds pretty fun, doesn’t it? So every time we update our free featured movie it will appear as if by magic in your webpage. Or classroom blog. Or VLE. Or intranet. Or School website…

    Now, we only want it to go to deserving homes where Tim & Moby will feel comfortable spending a bit of time. We will have to approve any requests for a featured movie POPbox. That’s the golden rule.

    So if you want to “POP a POPbox” on your website go to the POPbox request page and fill in the small form. We’ll then be in touch with the code and the rest is up to you.

    How does it work?

    The POPbox is a code snippet that you need to copy and paste to the body of your HTML page. Saving and publishing the page will make it show up.

    What if it doesn’t show up?

    We’ve found that some VLEs, or web platforms e.g. hosted WordPress.com blogs, will block Javascript being displayed via a security setting in the browser. POPtalk is a self hosted WordPress blog (www.wordpress.org) so we can control what gets shown and what doesn’t.

    Getting security settings changed is a matter for your Support technicians or VLE Manager. It might be (although we hope not) that you cannot display our POPboxes at all due to technical restrictions. Sorry.

    Can we choose our own BrainPOP movies to show?

    No. The featured movie POPbox will change automatically every time we update it so it will remain refreshed. But we decide what and when. It can only show one movie at at time. If you have a special educational event, research announcement, promotion or similar that you think would benefit from a BrainPOP UK movie/POPbox to accompany it we may be able to help – just get in touch.

    Does it come with the POPquiz?

    Sorry, it’s the movie only. To use the POPquizzes you will have to be a subscriber. There is a button in the movie player to make the POPboxes full screen though.

    Do I need to be subscribed to BrainPOP UK to get a POPbox?

    Nope. But you do need to agree to place it onto an appropriate web space. And we reserve the right to allow or deny a website access to a POPbox. As to what is deemed “appropriate”… we hope it can be informed by old fashioned common sense. But if you’re not sure add your questions as comments below or ask!

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