• 20 Jun
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    Hello! It’s Jude again – your friendly Northern BrainPOPper, giving you the lowdown on the goings on oop north.

    Over the past couple of months, I’ve attended a couple of TeachMeets. Partly to see what they were all about, and partly in my role as official ambassador to his Moby-ness. We sponsor a fair number, you see.

    I found TeachMeets inspirational. Not just for the amazing & creative ideas the teachers share with each other, but due to the simple fact that these educators are so passionate about what they do. They gather together in their own spare time to enthuse and help each other.

    Last week I attended the first ever Kidsmeet in Blackpool. The website describes it as an event “…looking for learners to do the talking. To share the things that have made a difference to them, to talk through projects that have inspired them or to recount a moment that changed their approach to learning” but as this is a KIDSmeet I’ll let them do the talking.

    Kidsmeet from Hawes Side school on Vimeo.

    If the idea of teachers being excited enough about teaching to get together is ground breaking, the idea of kids being excited enough about their learning, to get together to share with other kids, is…universe breaking (is there such a thing?).

    On the day we saw 12 presentations given by kids from Yr 1 to Yr 6, on a range of topics from warm-up drama games to Twitter.  Most schools spoke as groups of 4-5 although one very brave young lady did a presentation all on her own.

    One of the highlights for me was Greenpark Primary talking about Google Apps. They said it was “great…because you don’t have to use a pencil” and “you can have a partner to work with without having to sit next to them”.

    Lots of schools enthusiastically talked about blogging . One student said “I think Blogging is as easy as opening a packet of crisps”. Another said “Blogging is good for your brain”.

    Some of the resources mentioned were:

    • Aviary (photo editing)
    • Writing Frames (literacy skills)
    • Popplet (website to collect your ideas together)
    • Voki (create speaking avatars to embed on a  webpage)
    • Glogster (create interactive posts from your media)

    All the kids who spoke were incredibly brave as there was an audience of around 150 people and all the presentations were interesting .

    But I can’t deny the presentation I was looking forward to most was “Digital Film Making and Orange Robots” from Staining Primary. As the event progressed I kept looking around at the Staining Primary kids. They had been chosen to speak last, and I wondered if the tension might be getting to them?

    No…cool as cucumbers.

    Finally they got to speak about a mini horror movie they’d made when they entered one of our competitions, with Tim & Moby as the main characters. They talked about how they learned to edit, act, script write, direct and lots more.

    They delivered their presentation clearly and confidently, and, might I add, got the biggest laughs of the day!

    Everything was soooo professionally done from the title credits to the presentation slides. Watching the Staining Tim and Moby Movie on the big screen made it look even better. Everyone should be incredibly proud of themselves. You can see their movie below:

    The day ended in with the young BrainPOPpers (and Mr Maloney) accosting me and taking all my Moby badges. But that’s OK –  you guys definitely earned them.

    Your bravery and enthusiasm will hopefully inspire other kids around the world to run their own Kidsmeets.

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