• 03 Jan
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    Moby and the BrainPOP team are off to BETT 2017, the largest educational technology show in the world, next week.


    You’ll find us (and Moby) on stand C259, to the right of the BETT Arena on the central aisle between Google and Microsoft.

    BETT 2017 stand C259 500

    This is our biggest BETT yet. We’ve got so much to show it’s hard to know where to start!

    We’ll be showing off a whole range of new features including…

    • Make-A-Map – our new concept mapping tool powered by Ideaphora®.
    • Playful assessment – awesome learning games that support formative assessment
    • My BrainPOP – Student and teacher logins and dashboards to monitor, track, and review activity
    • Challenges – a new type of interactive quiz for higher order thinking
    • Assignments – allows you to assign features to classes or individuals, and monitor completion and scores
    • Quiz Mixer – Make your own BrainPOP style quizzes, polls, and surveys
    • PLUS the debut of Make-A-Movie! Our new content creation feature that BrainPOP teachers and pupils have been crying out for.

    All that AND we’ll be showing off the re-designed BrainPOP Jr, fully mobile ready and looking gorgeous.

    BrainPOP Jr redesign

    We’ve also invited some super smart teachers and friends of BrainPOP to demonstrate these new features throughout the 4 days.

    1. Thursday 11:00 we’re hosting Yishai Pinchover, the Cofounder of CodeMonkey Studios, one of our GameUp partners who’ll be presenting “Make the jump from code literacy to code creation with CodeMonkey’s Game Builder“.
      • Aimed at classroom teachers this session will be a guide to Codemonkey’s new game design courses where students applying coding skills and knowledge into creating new games and publishing them, all within the same CodeMonkey platform. That way they are truly becoming real-world programmers!
    2. Friday 15:00 we’re super excited to be hosting the Mr Mordue and the Digital Leaders from Lanchester primary.  Mr Mordue and his pupils will be demonstrating how to use BrainPOP in the classroom. They will be doing a session on the Solar System topic and also the online safety topic of Cyberbullying. They will be showcasing the movies, quizzes, games and activities that link to each topic.

    Wait! Stop. There’s more?

    Oh yes! Don’t forget to grab some new moby badges, BrainPOP bookmarks (with reading list on reverse) and making their debut at BETT 2017…floaty Moby pens!


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  • 09 Jan
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    It’s mid-January and that signifies a few things: breaking well intentioned new year resolutions, grey skies, rubbish TV and, of course, the BETT Show. We’re back, back, back on the roller coaster that is the world’s grandest ICT exhibition between Jan 11th-14th in London.

    BrainPOP Stand at BETT 2011

    Last year's stand - this year's will look a bit different

    If you’re attending you’ll find us in the same place as last year on stand B60, next to the big RM stand, neatly tucked up against the staircase, on the Grand Hall ground floor. You’ll be able to experience the full range of BrainPOP products, get all the gossip and, maybe, get a hug with Moby.

    Everyone who comes and talks to a lovely BrainPOPper will walk away with a free trial to every BrainPOP product, a chance to win 6 months of BrainPOP UK for your school AND an ice-cool set of BrainPOP goodies.

    1. Get your kids involved: Something we’re trying this year, which we piloted at the Scottish Learning Festival, is our “Evaluation booklet”. We thought you might be a little jaded with marketing brochures so we’ve made a photocopiable Activity sheet that you can give out to your class when you’re evaluating BrainPOP. It’s designed to provide a visual framework to help your pupils give their thoughts on BrainPOP. This means you have a simple way to collect their feedback to input into any descion about whether to subscribe.
    2. Spotlights 2012 Calendar: A high quality piece – full to bursting with BrainPOP colour, based around our monthly Spotlights for 2012. Always extremely popular! If you want one come and see us early doors as once they’re gone, they’re gone.
    3. Research Leaflet: A 2 page summary of our “Study of the Effectiveness of BrainPOP” report, which provides insight into how BrainPOP can effect real and substantial change in your school. You can see more here: http://www.brainpop.co.uk/support/research/
    4. Badges: Our brand new 2012 badges will be released into the wild. Glorious little round discs of Moby goodness. Pick some up and wear them with pride. But can you collect them all?
    5. Tim Handley & Class BrainPOP lesson at 11am on Thursday– we’re properly excited about this. Tim Handley and his class will be running a real BrainPOP lesson on the “Heart and Circulation”. Please come and support the children and see how Tim blends BrainPOP resources into his teaching.
    6. Dawn Hallybone will be presenting her “Fave 5 Apps for Education” at 12:15pm on Friday. In her talk she’ll be showing a range of iPad Apps that she knows and values. This is a must see – Dawn is a great presenter and we think you’ll find her thoughts invaluable.
    7. Catch the “TeachMeet takeovers” on Thurs & Fri at our stand. We GUARENTEE you will walk away with practical ideas:
    • Thursday 2pm-2:30pm: Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist) – “Web 2.0 tools you can use straight away”.
    • Friday 11:30am-12pm: Phil Bagge (@baggiepr) “Posterous & IPod Touch Dream Blogging made easy” & Julia Skinner (@theheadsoffice) – “100 Word Challenge Creative writing through blogging”.

    Anything else?

    1. Our VIBs will be in attendance on the stand – in what has become a bit of a BrainPOP UK tradition genuine classroom teachers and BrainPOP experts will be on hand to talk shop with you. They can give honest and practical advice on how they use BrainPOP, giving you a “from the chalkface” view of our resources.
    2. We’ll be talking mobile a lot at BETT this year (as will many other exhibitors, we imagine) so this year’s show will be a fine time to explore how you can take BrainPOP mobile.
    3. To show you how flexible BrainPOP is there will be a “Media bar” where you’ll be able to see (and try) BrainPOP on a PS3™, an Android tablet, and Apple devices. We don’t think learning should stop at the school gates and we’ll show you how BrainPOP could become an integral part of your parental engagement strategy.
    4. Meet Moby – come and have your photo taken, give a high five or get a hug of our resident robot superstar.

    We met Moby at BETT 2012

    If you’ve not been to BETT before or fancy a refresher we recommend you have a good look at Ian Addision’s “BETT Guide”. It’s full of hints, tips and advice.

    So if you’re already a subscriber come and say hi and we’ll share tall BrainPOP tales. If you are new to BrainPOP then WOW have we got a lot to talk about 😉

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