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BrainPOP is a trusted learning resource covering all core subjects, reaching thousands of schools around the globe.

  • BrainPOP Jr. (ages 4-9), BrainPOP (ages 7-14), and BrainPOP ESL (English as a second language learners) are award winning, online resources shaped by millions of hours of use by students and teachers in diverse learning settings
  • Short topic based animations will motivate your class, and high quality interactive learning games and activities will help your students master curriculum concepts
  • Flexible teacher tools allow endless possibilities for differentiation and targeted student support
  • Blended assessment, tracking, and feedback tools give you the right data to show progress and understanding
  • BrainPOP is mapped to the national curriculum for England & Wales, Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence, and US State standards and Common Core

Helping students understand their world

Student assessment and tracking with BrainPOP

Monitor progress

Real time student data

My BrainPOP

A suite of features that includes individual dashboards for students and teachers, and lets you customise assessments, encourage meaningful reflection, and keep track of learning.

  • Students can see a history of the movies they’ve watched, quizzes they’ve taken, and activities and challenges they’ve completed. They can review feedback on their work from teachers, too
  • Teachers can set up classes and track activity, plus provide feedback on student's quizzes, maps, and other features
  • Administrators can view usage data, see the most popular BrainPOP movies at their school, and identify the educators who are most active on BrainPOP

Add movie snippets, keywords, and illustrations

Turn information into knowledge

Your students are going to enjoy Make-a-Map, our innovative concept mapping tool powered by Ideaphora®.

This tool allows students to create concept maps as they explore our resources, developing ideas using official BrainPOP movie clips, audio, images, and key vocabulary.

Students can include a written explanation of their thought process and submit maps to a teacher for feedback.

As students learn more they can revisit saved maps, extending their understanding and demonstrating progress.

Concept mapping

Low barrier to entry

Tied into curricular topics

BrainPOP's cross-curricular, topic-level projects let students jump right into coding, make things they love, and show what they know in a whole new way – even without prior experience. They’re a great entry into the world of coding, no matter what you teach. 

  • Encourage students to show what they know through coding.
  • students learn to code while making a fun, creative project
  • curated projects for non-computer classrooms - easy to integrate across multiple BrainPOP subjects & topics
  • ability to dive deeper with Computer Science add-on curriculum bundle through BrainPOP Store


Perfect for homework and revision tasks

Assignment Builder

This useful feature allows you to assign videos and activities to classes or individuals, and monitor completion and scores. Perfect for homework and flipped classrooms too.

  • Assign activities to classes or individuals, and monitor completion and scores
  • Create one assignment that combines different features, like movies, quizzes, coding projects, Make-a-Movies, maps, Sims, and more.  

Demonstrate comprehension of a given topic

Students take ownership of their learning

Lights, camera, action!

  • This powerful addition to our suite of creation tools empowers teachers and students to make their own BrainPOP-style movies. Available to subscribers using My BrainPOP, our Make-a-Movie tool cultivates planning, organizing, writing, collaborating, and analyzing skills.
  • Decide on a subject, then build scenes using images from our library or your own drawings
  • Add narration; manipulate backgrounds; and even start with a letter the way each of our movies does


Endless differentiation opportunities

Make your own BrainPOP quizzes, polls, and surveys

Share and remix

Make your own BrainPOP-style quizzes!

  • Search and modify BrainPOP’s questions
  • Create your own multiple choice and open ended questions
  • Publish and share with your students
  • Don't re-invent the wheel! Import and edit from thousands of questions generated across the BrainPOP community

Quiz Mixer for customised assessment

Teach non-fiction reading in a differentiated way

Dynamically raise and lower the lexile level of a news article


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Topic based leveled news articles, that allow you to engage students in literacy no matter their reading level.

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