• 21 Jul
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    We love the BrainPOP UK app and we’re humbled that other people do too.

    But did you know that it’s fantastic for app smashing as well?

    App smashing with BrainPOP

    PS: For general tips on using our app check out ICT subject leader (and seasoned BrainPOP educator) Dawn Hallybone’s guest post Why you need to go mobile with BrainPOP and take a look at our ‘Get Mobile’ page to learn about the app and how to get it.

    Anyway, shall we get smashing?


    What is app smashing?

    App smashing is imaginatively combining multiple apps in a creative way – or “smashing” apps together.

    Instead of using one app to deliver a learning experience, app smashers use the best elements of multiple apps and combine them.

    A good example of app smashing would be combining a camera app, a collage making app, and an interactive image sharing app like thinglink (that lets you add things notes and music to photos) to create a presentation on a topic.

    A key to app smashing is the camera roll – taking photos and screenshots from other apps and then using those images to create something new is often the basis for successful app smashing combinations.

    Using the BrainPOP UK app in class

    What kind of apps can I smash with BrainPOP?

    One of the favourite ways I’ve seen the BrainPOP app smashed with another app is with an ebook creator app.

    Step 1: Students use the BrainPOP app to research a topic and take notes in a notepad app, like Evernote

    Step 2: Then combine their research notes and screenshots to make an ebook on the topic.

    Step 3: Publish the ebook and share it with classmates and parents.

    Not only have they made an ebook that can be used for summative assessment, the act of creating the book helps with information retention, and has the added bonus of being a great revision tool as well!

    Check out this guest post by John Quinn from Hilton Primary Academy for details on how he used BrainPOP and Book Creator app together in his class.


    Here are some other great ideas we’ve come across:

    • Creating your own RSA animate type video using this tutorial and research students have done on BrainPOP (including screenshots!) Don’t forget to check out our concept mapping and digital animation topics to help you get started.
    • Creating concept maps with apps like MindMeister using BrainPOP for research and screenshots.
    • Using enhanced note taking apps like Evernote and Notability are great for recording students’ thoughts while using BrainPOP (and for practising their note-taking skills).
    • Students making their own Tim and Moby style videos using Explain Everything. They can even use this Tim and Moby letter graphic organiser to get started.
    • File sharing apps like Dropbox are essential for collaborative projects so students can share notes, images and screenshots to use in their projects.

    For more great examples of different ways you can app smash take a look at Why app smash? by Richard Wells.

    Lastly, don’t forget to experiment and to think about apps that you and people you know use frequently – there’s usually a good reason for their popularity which could be incredibly useful in class once you start to explore ideas.

    Have a smashing time, everyone!

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  • 24 May
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    We co-hosted a webinar with COBIS and Mark Anderson (ICT Evangelist), best selling author and Apple Distinguished Educator, who shared his top ’10 classroom apps in 30 minutes’.

    10 apps in 30 mins presentation

    It was a fantastic webinar, with lots of practical advice and recommendations.

    All the apps he shared are linked below. Give them a try!

    1. Ditty – Make class set of videos
    2. Yakit Kids – Bring inanimate objects to life for explaining topics
    3. Book Creator – Create ebooks to promote literacy
    4. Photofunia – Create revision cards and easy wall display materials
    5. BrainPOP – Hopefully you know this one!
    6. Nearpod – Interactive 360 field trips
    7. Explain Everything – Interactive whiteboard on screen to promote independent learning
    8. PingPong Spot Networking – Quiz and poll creation for simple assessment
    9. Post-it Plus – Digital Post-its for sentence starters and seating plans
    10. Adobe Spark Video , Adobe Spark PageAdobe Spark Post – create interactive stories (example “Twitter for Teachers“)

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  • 20 May
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    1.3 million.

    That’s how many mobile apps there are. Of that, around 10% are categorised as “Education”.

    130,000 educational apps! This staggering number of options can only lead to a paradox of choice. When there are too many options we get analysis paralysis and end up making bad choices or choices we come to regret.

    Moby scratching his head

    So you, as an educator or parent, must feel positively dizzy when faced with 130,000 apps to choose from. And this isn’t a throw away decision. There’s a certain amount of risk in the apps you deploy at home or in class.

    • Can you trust that an app will improve knowledge and understanding?
    • Is it the best fit for your planning, students, and teaching strategies?
    • Is it safe?
    • Is the information accurate?
    • Does it respect your student’s data?
    • Does it contain intrusive ads or under hand in-app purchases?

    Choice, choices. So what are the best educational apps? To help answer that we’d like to introduce one of our new partners, the Educational App Store, a fast growing new service that curates and recommends the very best educational apps.

    Educational App Store

    Their School Curriculum Gateway website supports the discovery of curriculum based apps and professional development. They work with a highly experienced teacher group that provides (independent) pedagogical assessments, and assist Educators in their search for applications, pulling together a personalised set of curriculum relevant apps geared towards your school’s specific strategic needs. You can read their assessments of BrainPOP UK and BrainPOP Jr.

    Also, it doesn’t matter what mobile device you use – it’s the apps and relevance they focus on.

    SPECIAL OFFER TIME! Schools that employ the EAS Curriculum Gateway are eligible to claim 6 months of BrainPOP UK absolutely free*. The offer unlocks our app and website for your whole school community, giving you access to all our cross curricular movies and resources.

    If you want to learn more please get in touch with the EAS team or sign up for their event in London at Barclay  primary school on 11th June 2015 (12.30pm to 4.30pm).

    Chris Bradford, Head of BrainPOP UK, says “The Educational App Store School Curriculum Gateway is a compelling solution to the time consuming and confusing task of finding great apps that match your school’s teaching and learning strategies. Accessing our movies and quizzes through our apps has risen exponentially over the last few years, which shows how mobile has become so prevalent at home and in schools. But it’s still a pretty new teaching technology and it’s services like the Educational App Store that will increase teacher confidence, save time, and keep the learning front and center.”

    Justin Smith, CEO and Founder of the The Educational App Store, says “EAS is proud to welcome BrainPOP as a premium app partner to its Schools Curriculum Gateway. Our mission is to drive up the standard of educational apps and to map them against the national curriculum, supporting and enabling the digital teaching community. With BrainPOP’s high quality curriculum content and wonderful apps, we can see the development of a regulated and tested marketplace

    *Terms and conditions apply.

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  • 18 Aug
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    The BrainPOP ESL app (for ‘English as a second language’ learners) is now also available for Apple mobile devices!

    On iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches, BrainPOP ESL site subscribers can log in directly from the app and access all 90 levelled lessons, at no extra charge. Non-site subscribers can still get to know Ben and Moby via the app’s 18 free lessons, or one of the in-app purchase options that provide different levels of expanded access.

    Try the app for yourself – it’s free on Apple iTunesGoogle Play, and Windows Store.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    If you teach in a school and you would like to try out the full BrainPOP ESL website and app together then please ask us for a no obligation free trial.

    What is BrainPOP ESL?

    BrainPOP ESL (www.brainpopesl.com) is a comprehensive English language learning program that uses highly engaging animated movies to model conversational English while seamlessly introducing grammar concepts and vocabulary words. The movies are levelled, with each new movie and associated features building upon earlier ones, thereby reinforcing vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading comprehension, and writing skills. The building block structure enables students to master the language in a step-by-step process, giving them the confidence they need to read, write, and speak English.

    What is the educational philosophy behind BrainPOP ESL?

    Launched in 2009, BrainPOP ESL is the creation of Naomi Prawer Kadar, Ph.D., a devoted language teacher, scholar, and visionary with extensive experience as an educator, curriculum strategist, and teacher trainer.

    Bringing together the best of language-learning pedagogy and innovative interactive media, BrainPOP ESL continuously engages and challenges English language learners while remaining sensitive to their varying needs and learning styles. The movies range from simple everyday scenarios to more complex content-related stories that reflect what students are learning in the classroom. Idiomatic and cultural nuances, as expressed through the actions of the endearing and funny characters, model social cues and demonstrate how to use the English language in every day contexts.

    To support teachers, BrainPOP ESL provides detailed lesson plans incorporating learning strategies, graphic organisers, printable resources, as well as reading and writing activities.

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  • 12 Feb
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    At Bett 2014, we welcomed Mr Handley and his digital leaders (Bayleigh, Emily, Adam, and Cameron) to show their “Top 20 Apps in 15 minutes” presentation on our stand before they took it to the big Arena stage later that same day.

    It was such a terrific and useful presentation for anyone considering using mobiles in class that we wanted to share it with you. They very kindly gave us permission so below we’ve provided the list in all its glory, with their comments. We’re sure any teacher can find a useful app or two in this list (iOS, Android, and Web apps), sourced and approved by the students themselves.

    20 apps in 15 minutes presentation


    Cameron: Super 7

    “I like Super 7 because it’s really fun and educational. It’s really helpful for getting you to think about numbers and problem solve, as you have to think ahead to plan which possible numbers that could combine to make 7. It is quite challenging, but it is fun and is one of our favorite apps.”

    Adam: Monster Physics

    “In Monster Physics, you have to build things, and then it applies the real world physics to what you have brought. I like Monster Physics because it is really fun and it is really addictive, as you have to try and solve the problems. It is very hard in places even my Dad couldn’t do it – maybe I’m as smart as my Dad! It is probably best aimed at 8 to 12 year olds. You have to make stuff to make the monster get to the finish line and in each of the different levels. I really like Monster Physics.”

    Bayleigh: iMovie

    “I like iMovie because you can choose two different ways you can be on this app, you can make a project or a trailer. A project lets you get any picture you want and record whatever you want, you can put background music on too. A trailer is where you get to pick what type of trailer you would like, (scary, romance, retro, superhero, fairy tale etc) you then write the people who’s in it and the words or sentences you want. After that you put a video what you have taken which links up with the type of music and trailer you have picked, then you play it back and you have your own movie trailer. iMovie is awesome!”

    Emily: Chicktionary

    “I like Chicktionary as it’s a great way to practice your spelling and find out new words. You are given some chickens with letters on them and you need to tap them and they lay eggs with the letter on it and you have to try and make words using these eggs.”

    Cameron: Pic Collage

    “Pic Collage lets you put pictures together from the internet, from the photo roll and ones you have just taken. It lets you arrange them on the page, order them, resize them and cut into shapes. You can also add text and stamps to the collage just like if you were sticking pictures onto paper but much much quicker and easier. You can then print them and share them. We’ve them used for fun, but you could also make them about your topic.”

    Emily: Video Scribe

    “Video Scribe is a fairly new app, which we think is fab. It lets you put together a video, made up of a handwriting text or drawing pictures. You get to decide what the hand writes/draws, and piece them together to create some great videos. We have already used Video Scribe to tell stories, present information on a topic and, of course, just for fun!”

    Bayleigh: Number Run

    “I like Number Run because it is like a video game but it involves maths questions. Like you start on a certain level and work your way up. Number Run allows you to pick either a girl or boy, then your person runs and there is rocks in the way, lost paths, enemies, and coins. There are maths question on the things that I just listed. If you answer the questions right you kill the enemies or shoot the rocks etc, and if you get the question wrong you fall down the lost path.”

    Adam: Foldify

    “I like foldify as you get to create some really great models and creations. You can put 3D shapes together on the iPad and decorate them to make them look like different things, like a bus for example, or a creature. You can then print your creation, which you can fold up to create your creation.”

    Cameron: Garageband

    “I like Garageband because you get to make lots of music with anything you what. It has lots of virtual instruments on it, like guitars, drums and pianos, which make it really easy to make great music. There are also lots of different loops – pre-recorded bits of music – which we can arrange into our own songs. We can also record our voices, making it good for making radio programs. It is a really cool and VERY powerful piece of software!”

    Adam: Daydream Education Times Table App

    “I like the new Daydream Education Times Table app because it’s a good way to learn your times tables and it’s a way to learn different methods for different things.”

    Bayleigh: Glow Burst

    “I like Glowburst because it is tricky but fun. In Glowburst you have to pass levels by bursting numbers from the lowest to the largest. For example it sometimes included negative numbers, right through to 3 or 4 digit numbers. Even our teachers find it tricky and we often like to try and beat them! It is really addictive – we all go on it lots at home too!”

    Emily: Pixlr

    “I like Pixlr, it is a very powerful image editor and paint program, but online with a version for Apple and Android devices too. You get to create images, and you can apply lots of great effects to your drawings or pictures, and draw with different brushes, items and use different styles. Pixlr is dead easy to use, but SO powerful. We have found many features that Mr Handley didn’t know existed!”

    Cameron: iCanAnimate

    “iCanAnimate is a great app which allows you to easily create your own stop motion animations. Animations are made up of lots of still images. It is easy to create them in iCanAnimate as the app is really simple to use, and includes more advanced features such as ‘onion skinning’ which lets you see the picture you have just taken whilst you are setting up your next photo. You can then export the video, or use another app, like iMovie to add other effects, music and text.”

    Adam: Action Movie FX

    “I like action Movie FX as it allows me to be a Hollywood director. It basically gives you lots of different effects, for example, a missile strike, bolder attack or car crash and it’ll put these effects over the movies you take. You can then export those and put them into your own movies which is great, and you can make some things that are quite silly too!”

    Bayleigh: Beebot

    “I like the BeeBot App as it is just like the real Beebots, but with lots more challenges built in. You get a bee bot and you have to program the Beebot to follow the path made by slabs. You get a limited amount of time and you are in control. It’s very addictive!”

    Emily: Maths Motion Pizza

    “This is a new game. It is VERY addictive and gets you to run your own pizza restaurant whilst practicing lots of great maths skills, whilst being lots of fun too!”

    Cameron: Sketch Nation

    “In Sketch Nation you can literally draw your very own game, which you can then play. It’s really simple to use and great fun! Let your mind go wild and it will save everything you do.You have to build the set and the character and afterwards you get to play it. I like Sketch Nation because it is so fun. I have made my own game which others can then play, it is awesome.”

    Adam: MadPad

    “I love MadPad. It’s a really strange but very cool app. It basically allows you to take videos and audio files of snippets of sounds, and then store them into a sound board, and then you can press them and it will play them. You then record them, and make your very own soundtrack or beat track. You can create some really cool effects!”

    Bayleigh: BrainPOP UK

    “We love Tim and Moby at our school, and BrainPOP, so it’s only natural that the BrainPOP UK app makes it into our top 20. This app puts all of the fab BrainPOP videos at our fingertips, meaning we can watch them at home as well as school. There are some free videos on the app too if your school doesn’t have a subscription, and all the quizzes are there too.”

    Emily: Puppet Pals 2

    “I like this app – it’s a good animation app, which is a big improvement on Puppet Pals 1. On Puppet Pals, you get to hold your very own puppet play animation, which you can use to tell a story. You move the characters on the screen and it records your voice at the same time. It can then play it back to you as a movie. The characters mouths move, you can make them ride things and go in cars and other things, and you can even put peoples faces on the characters that you know!”

    Many thanks to you all for sharing this with us. If you want to know more about their adventures at the Bett show visit bett.mrhandley.co.uk.

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  • 13 Jan
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    Our free BrainPOP UK Featured Movie app for Apple© devices has new look for the new year.


    We’ve updated the app to the iOS7 design style. If you already have our app please update it via the app store, or it may have updated automatically if you have that option switched on.

    Functionally it’s broadly the same and delivers the awesome BrainPOP content you know and love, but it’s been further optimised to work faster and more efficiently. Your existing site login or in-app subscription should work exactly like they did before. Please make sure you have updated your device to iOS7.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Here’s some new elements you might want to look out for:

    • The app badge background is now a dusty blue, so keep an eye out for it on your device home screen.
    • The buttons and icons used throughout the app have been updated to a sharper, flat design.
    • There is now a “Back” button, that remembers where you’ve been in the app and allows you to track back. You can also swipe the side of the screen to move backwards and forwards, which is pretty fancy.
    • Full screen Quiz mode.
    • “Parental Gateway” has been enabled. This will appear if you try to send us an email or visit a webpage like Twitter, from a link inside the app. It requires you to read and input a 3 digit code before leaving the app. It’s designed as a safety step to stop young children leaving the app without a parent’s permission.
    • Is Moby blinking on the app home screen?

    We hope you enjoy the shiny new flavours. Happy (mobile) BrainPOPping, everyone!

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  • 11 Nov
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    We are over the moon to let you all know that the BrainPOP UK Featured Movie app has been shortlisted as a finalist in the ‘Educational Apps’ category in the prestigious BETT Awards 2014.


    “The Bett Awards represent a partnership between i2i Events Group and BESA, the trade association representing educational supply companies. While the unprecedented number of entries has made it tougher for the judges, it does mean that the shortlist identifies the very best resources and suppliers for schools. The shortlisted products and organisations all offer outstanding, quality resources that will undoubtedly inspire and motivate learners. Due to the international recognition of Bett in terms of its place in showcasing the latest learning technologies, the Bett Awards provide educators all over the world with a means of identifying the most innovative and effective ICT products and services.”

    Caroline Wright, director of BESA

    We’re delighted to be finalists, especially in this brand new category, as they’re probably the biggest edtech awards in the world. We are strong advocates of the benefits of mobile learning. We regularly receive emails from schools, parents and kids that just love having access to our resources on the go.

    But even more than that the benefit of safe, accessible independent learning cannot be underestimated. The ability for children to explore, discover and create is made 10 times easier with a smart device and the right apps.

    If you want to see how our Apple© or Android™ apps can support learning download them here for free www.brainpop.co.uk/support/mobile.

    The winners of each category will be announced at the Bett 2014 Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 22nd January 2014. See the full list of finalists in all categories: www.bettawards.com/finalists. Good luck to everyone!

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  • 12 Sep
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    Big app news! Our BrainPOP UK Featured Movie app and BrainPOP Jr Movie of the Week app have both been awarded 5 stars and the prestigious “EAS Recommended” certification.

    EAS recommends BrainPOP UK

    “BrainPOP have created beautifully animated videos with accompany quiz testing features…that will suit the classroom learning environment or will do well to support extended learning at home.”


    What is the EAS Certification?

    It’s all about “determining what makes a good educational app”.

    Here’s what EAS says:

    “There are over 100,000 educational apps available in the stores. A lot of them overlap and are in similar subjects therefore, it is important to be able to identify what makes a good educational app. We created the EAS Certification in order to benchmark the apps against a set of pedagogical criteria and academic research. Our community of teachers review and rate the app using our pedagogical EAS Certification.

    1. A strong association with learning outcomes (whether curriculum or non-curriculum based).
    2. Interactivity with the learner via correction and feedback on any questions that are set.
    3. An ease of use of the app so that the learner does not need any guidance and teach one’s self if necessary.
    4. A variety of levels in the app so that learners can progress and different levels of learning within the same age-group can be taken into account.
    5. The ability to collaborate on work with others and co-create.
    6. The impetus to motivate learners to go beyond the apps and find more information on the subject at hand.
    7. The impetus to engage learners and hold their attention to fulfil learning objectives.
    8. Clear pricing, no in-app purchases and privacy controls.
    9. Good quality, design and sound features.
    10. Content without errors in subject matter and/or spelling.”

    This criteria means that only the most educationally valuable apps receive the EAS certification. We were identified as useful for:

    • Cognitive Development
    • Critical Thinking
    • Life Skills
    • Academic Relevance

    Give our app a try – it’s free, can be linked to existing BrainPOP site subscriptions and is available for both Apple and Android devices.

    Get our BrainPOP UK Android app

    App itunes badge

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  • 02 Jan
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    To start 2013 with a bang we’d like to introduce you to the latest addition to the BrainPOP UK family: our new Android™ app.

    Android app on ASUS

    Get our BrainPOP UK Android app

    Learning at Your Fingertips™ with BrainPOP UK

    Android users can now get “Mobylised” too, for free, with our Featured Movie app for Android devices.

    It has all the same features and content as our hugely successful Apple app and allows all school and home BrainPOP UK subscribers full access, at no extra cost. Simply enter the same username and password you normally use to access BrainPOP UK.

    If you don’t subscribe you can still check in every day to watch the Featured Movie and its related quiz, free of charge.

    Why go mobile with Moby?

    BrainPOP is designed to deliver an unsurpassed breadth and depth of educational topics while keeping the integration of learning and technology a seamless and simple experience.

    Android app screenshot

    You know what this means? Using smartphone, tablet or touch screen devices in class, at home or on the go you can be confident that BrainPOP resources are optimised and accessible to (nearly) everyone.

    • Schools that use mobile devices can employ BrainPOP movies and quizzes in new and exciting ways.
    • Quiz results are tracked (per device) for better personalised assessment.
    • Kids shouldn’t have to wait for it to be ‘school’ time to access learning – they should have access to learning wherever they are. Out of school access provides a perfect opportunity to blend BrainPOP content into home learning so encourage parents to get the app – it’s free to download!
    • Every movie is fully subtitled, can go full screen and can be paused and scanned easily.
    • The app also has “predictive search” which means we try to guess what word you’re searching before you finish typing it – pretty neat, eh?

    How to get access to all the movies and quizzes on your Android device

    The Android app does not have in-app subscriptions but you can subscribe via our store, which provides full access to both our web and mobile resources.

    1. Get the app from Google Play (it’s free)
    2. Go to the BrainPOP UK Store and choose the appropriate option.
    3. Schools can be invoiced and parents can buy 1, 6 or 12 month access using credit/debit cards or PayPal. This option gives you full access to both our web and mobile resources.
    4. Got your username and password? Now log into the app when prompted and access all movies and quizzes at no extra charge.

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  • 19 Dec
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    Is it nearly Xmas already? Where did the year go?

    Guess it’s time to dust off the Santa hat, crisp up the turkey and settle back with a glass of Moby’s special egg nog to take a wander down memory lane and give you my top 6 moments of 2012.

    This is my 4th annual “Top moments…” post, by the way. If you want to look at our journey over the last 3 years (rose tinted glasses optional) you may do so from these links:

    Back in the present? Nice. Let’s begin the countdown…

    6) and 5) If you’re ‘appy and you know it

    2012 saw the arrival of two significant product enhancements: full access to all the BrainPOP UK movies and quizzes on our mobile iOS app and single sign on & pupil assessment through our Google App. Even though they are two separate technologies I’m adding them together because they reinforce a message that’s important to BrainPOP: it’s not about the tech.

    BrainPOP UK app on iPhone and iPhone

    BrainPOP UK app on iPhone and iPhone

    It’s about how the tech gives educators an increased ability to blend BrainPOP into a variety of different contexts. For example, this great blog post describes how our mobile app enabled students to learn independently:

    “Recently I used the BrainPOP app to encourage students to learn independently from the teacher with great outcomes. Students were motivated to learn as they were in control. The element of choice motivated students to learn in a variety of ways. Students enjoyed the short animated movies and all feedback was very positive. Students felt that they learn better from using the app and that they found it easier to use than YouTube and BBC Bitesize because the way that the app was set out and the quality of the videos and quizzes. The multiple choice quizzes provide a competitive twist to AfL and all students enjoyed taking part.”

    Gavin Smart, Teacher of Science at Priory Community School –  “Students learn independently using the BrainPOP UK app

    And for Google we have to highlight Norfolk Shared Services, the only county to have rolled out Google Apps for Education to all pupils and staff. First we were delighted to be endorsed by schools within Norfolk and meet the technical and curriculum criteria set by ICT and the Norfolk Integrated Education Advisory Service.

    Then our Google app was added to their new cloud portal as the UK’s first LA wide integration to an educational resource!

    This enabled 150,000 Norfolk students and teachers to seamlessly sign in to BrainPOP using their Google credentials and add their quiz results to their Google spreadsheets.

    This is just the start. There’s such delights coming your way in 2013 it’s taking all my willpower not to disclose them to you now.

    Just remember, it’s not the technology, it’s what the technology enables you to do.

    4) Taking the 100 Word Challenge

    The 100 Word Challenge is a wonderful example of a grass roots blogging/literacy initiative. Run (unpaid) by the inspiring Julia Skinner and her volunteer team of teachers it’s encouraging young writers across the world.

    We were deeply honoured to be offered the opportunity to provide the creative writing prompt for the challenge in May 2012. We created a one-off animation which saw Tim & Moby trekking through a mysterious jungle only to discover…well, that was up the fertile imaginations of the entrants!

    100 Word Challenge logo We 100% support the efforts of the 100WC and implore you to check it out. As a stimulus for literacy it’s one of the best.

    3) Free BrainPOP CPD

    In September we launched our Webinar series, free online CPD for teachers looking to learn how to enhance their BrainPOP knowledge.

    We also hosted some amazing guest teachers such as Ian Addison who demonstrated “Google Apps and Project-Based Learning” and Danny Nicholson from Think-Bank on “Making your Interactive Whiteboard POP”.

    We’ll be running one a month in 2013. If you would like to guest or co-present a webinar in 2013 please get in touch. It’s a terrific way to demonstrate to other teachers what you’ve found works in the classroom.

    2) A grand day out, Moby style

    In June Moby visited his first UK school, Titchfield Primary.

    The class had produced some fantastic BrainPOP home work which they shared with us together with piles of hand made invitations to Moby. How could we refuse?

    Moby in Assembly

    You can read the full story and watch Moby unexpectedly gate crash their assembly (and hug the Headteacher) in our post “A Grand Day Out“. A brilliant day was had by all 🙂

    It’s also just as fun to see what the kids themselves had to say.

    1) Reluctant writer

    My No.1 is a small thing.

    Insignificant, really, in comparison to some of the bigger, more headline grabbing entries above.

    I chose it because if any moment in 2012 showed us why BrainPOP delivers a learning experience like no other then this has to be it.

    Read the following first, by a year 3 boy:

    “In summer the sun makes a rainbow from droplets of rain from the clouds. The sun can get very hot and if it goes on glass it can reflect the sun and could start a fire. When it is hot I stay inside on my bed.”

    Seems unremarkable at first glance, right?

    But this was the most this particular child had ever written. This is a child who was classed as a “P Scale writer” who usually verbally told the teaching assistant what he needed to say and copied from the scribe. This is a child who would be defined as a classic “reluctant writer”.

    So why did we hear about it? Because it happened during a BrainPOP UK evaluation and specifically exposure to our “Rainbow” movie. It inspired him to  independently put pen to paper and just write.

    Summer Sun and Rainbows

    Apparently BrainPOP, and specifically Moby, connected him to the subject matter in such a way that it led to unexpected and profound literacy benefits. Learning about rainbows was only half the learning journey.

    So that’s (nearly) it for 2012. From Tim, Moby and all the BrainPOPpers we wish you all a splendid Xmas and happy new year and we’ll see you, bright eyed and bushy tailed, in January 2013.

    Chris Bradford, Head of BrainPOP UK

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