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    We’ve partnered with the Redbridge LA Schools’ ICT team to introduce BrainPOP® (www.brainpop.co.uk) to Redbridge schools.


    We create animated, curricular content that engages students of all abilities and ages in classrooms and homes across the globe. BrainPOP is also home to GameUp™, an online games portal featuring cross-curricular titles from some of the best educational game creators out there.

    Step 1: Try BrainPOP!

    All Redbridge schools have FREE 24/7 access to BrainPOP UK until July 15th 2013. To request your free access simply email us. We’ll send you a login by return. Simple!

    After logging in you will be taken directly to the BrainPOP UK home page where you can search, discover and use all the learning materials we make – the movies, the activities, the quizzes, the learning games – everything.

    Step 2: Learn about BrainPOP

    • Browse our Teacher Use section, because there you’ll find lots of articles, support and case studies that will show you how BrainPOP can deliver better outcomes for your learners.
    • Investigate our huge range of topics, Spotlights and GameUp (games based learning). BrainPOP is cross phase/curricular so consider it as a resource to support the whole school.
    • Your trial username and password will grant full access to our Apple and Android apps. Download the app to your device(s) – it’s completely free. When prompted input your username and password. Done!
    • Please feel free to give your username and password out to your parent community so they can use BrainPOP to extend the learning into the home if they have smartphones, tablets etc.
    • Read and see what other teachers think about BrainPOP in their schools.

    Step 3: Special offer!

    We’re offering a 25% discount to all Redbridge schools that subscribe before July 15th 2013. To place your order please use the online order form and quote promotional code “redbridgeict” when prompted. This offer is only open to London Borough of Redbridge schools within the time specified and is non-transferable. A subscription includes access to all learning materials, mobile apps & games based learning resources.


    Remember to quote promotional code “redbridgeict” when ordering. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would simply like to talk to a BrainPOPper about how you can improve student learning and engagement when using our resources.

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