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"BrainPOP’s a superb online resource bank covering an extensive range of curriculum areas. It’s a great way to introduce new learning experiences and topics or to extend children’s curiosity in other areas not covered in your curriculum"

Playful learning 

750+ colourful, animated videos to enhance your curriculum.

Martyn Soulsby

Leadership Team & Computing at School Master Teacher

Designed to support great teaching

Serious. Fun.

Lesson materials, quizzes, educational games, and activities will engage your students at all stages of learning.

Super simple

No complicated set up, no distractions. Your students start learning straight away.

A powerful motivation

to learn

  • A rich multimedia tool kit for teachers to illustrate curriculum concepts
  • A safe way for primary and secondary age children to study independently
  • Mapped to the 2014 national curriculum for England, Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence, and the Australian national curriculum

Enjoyed by thousands of schools worldwide

Help your children understand concepts in Literacy, Maths, Science, Humanities, Technology, PSHE, and much more.

BrainPOP games increase student involvement, and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Every topic includes adaptable lesson ideas based on successful classroom practice

Learners are actively encouraged to explore the related videos found on each page

Short videos
(3-6 minutes)

Fully subtitled 

Accompanying each video is a range of strong support materials and tools, allowing for differention

Each topic page contains a relevant suite of materials that brings together the vital components to help you deliver compelling lessons

Maya Civilisation 

This is our 'Maya Civilisation' video, from the 'Ancient History' subject area.

Animation lends itself to conveying the main messages that can otherwise be difficult to teach and for students to understand. It taps into this generation’s fluency with short bursts of video media.

PS: and they're free

Apps for pretty much every device

Access multiple learning styles in the same lesson, increasing student involvement

Increase your own
subject confidence

Be an
outstanding teacher

Embed literacy
across disciplines

"BrainPOP comes with a whole host of resources, all of which we use. Obviously the movies are the main aspect, but we also use the resource packs of graphic organisers, the games are great quality and the quiz function is brilliant. I personally don’t think there is anything better to encourage fun, substantial, and real learning."

Sarah Wright

Year 4 Teacher, Longton Lane primary

BrainPOP’s animations are carefully constructed narratives, with the learning outcome set out at the start of the video.

The stories use characters and context to give meaning to explanation whilst relating to real life situations and environments.

BrainPOP is often employed as a discussion tool, reflecting on items in the news or national events such as natural disasters, politics, or the World Cup.

This gives students spoken language practice in a variety of subjects, but also encourages children to investigate an issue themselves and form their own opinion and confidently discuss it in class.

Quizzes and activities offer teachers the opportunity to identify strengths and areas for improvement to better provide feedback to learners.

Use BrainPOP to address what your students see, hear and read about in the news. It’s a great way to encourage children to investigate an issue, form their own opinion and confidently discuss it in class.

Tackle a tricky topic together

The heart of BrainPOP is discovery


How might you use BrainPOP?

Focus the

Watch a BrainPOP video with the whole class on your interactive display to introduce or reinforce a curriculum topic. Our videos are fully subtitled so all your students can follow the action.

Project based learning

Find a movie covering a topic where you struggle to engage pupils. Split the class into pairs to collaborate on feedback, prepare a presentation, or provoke discussion.

From improving note taking skills to making cross curricular connections, the breadth and depth of BrainPOP makes for a wonderful project research tool.

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