• 08.02.2016
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    We’ve worked with thousands of schools over the years, helping them evaluate our resources, but every school is unique and there are always bumps on the road.

    BrainPOP in school

    Here’s a few challenges that teachers put to us at BETT and how we answered them.

    1) How do we know BrainPOP will fit with our school and our students?

    The easy answer is: we don’t. Only you can decide that.

    But wait! Before you cry “Cop out!” it’s quite a deliberate approach. Before we start to tell you what we do, we try to find out what YOUR school’s challenges are. Looking for new curriculum resources? Apps for your new iPads? Want to improve STEM engagement? Getting into flipped learning? Have identified a need for better esafety teaching?

    We try to understand what you need, and go from there to see if BrainPOP would be a good fit to your strategic goals.

    2) Why should our school subscribe to BrainPOP instead of X product we already have?

    BrainPOP is super flexible, and can be used to supplement existing programmes and planning, not necessarily replace them. Our library of digital animated resources has taken 15 years to build up and improve based on teacher feedback. Its effects on student motivation, curriculum engagement, and knowledge retention are second to none.

    There’s nothing quite like BrainPOP.

    3) Will it work with our school technology?

    Our resources are 100% cloud based and easily integrated into learning management systems, VLEs, Google Apps for Education, and major mobile devices.

    BrainPOP’s designed to make it simple for teachers, parents, and students to get to the right content quickly. We think technology should support learning, so we work hard to make sure BrainPOP is fast, secure, and easy to blend into lessons.

    4) Our budgets are already stretched, we don’t know if we can afford it.

    • BrainPOP is a whole school curriculum resource so can be deployed across multiple departments and classrooms offering huge value at no extra cost.
    • Home use is included in the licencing and our apps are free to download (which is a great way to encourage use for homework, projects, and safe research!).
    • BrainPOP is a low risk investment. Starting at £499 per year, BrainPOP can be 30%-40% less per year than most other comparably sized products.
    • All updates, new content, extra features and so on, are always free meaning no surprises for you.

    5) I like it, but need to convince the powers that be to fund the subscription.

    • When used effectively BrainPOP is shown to improve teaching and learning.
    • BrainPOP’s products are mapped to the National curriculum for England, Common Core, Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, the Australian national curriculum, and more, allowing staff to find resources to target specific lesson objectives.
    • It doesn’t require up front investment of time and resources. We offer first class customer support and will work with you to make sure deployment across the school is pain free.

    We’re proud of what we make and do, and we hope that comes across in the high quality of the resources, our service, and our teacher support. Still not sure? See what other teachers have to say.

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