• 24.07.2014
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    Chuka Umunna, Labour’s shadow business secretary, warned parents are now “petrified” of the technological skills their children were being taught at school and must not be left behind (source: The Telegraph, July 2014).

    We’re with Maggie Philbin when she says “Tomorrow’s World should return to prime time television to educate parents who are intimidated by the technology their children are using”.

    But as awesome as that would be, what is your school doing to help bridge the digital divide between kids and their parents? What easy thing can you do with BrainPOP right now to start the ball rolling?

    Get kids to teach their parents, that’s what.

    We’ve made a free downloadable BrainPOP guide to modern technologies, behaviours, and concepts that kids are using that parents might want to learn more about. Download and share this PDF with your parent community.

    Watch these movies and get techie together. Break down that divide!

    Learn about digital technology with BrainPOP UK PDF

    Here’s the list if you want to just dive in…

    • Internet Search – Learn how to use an internet search engine and tips on the best ways to find exactly what you are looking for.

    Internet Search on BrainPOP

    • Computer Programming – Discover how people write computer languages called code, and how code is broken down into step-by-step procedures called algorithms. Then, see how to turn a lines of text into useful programs and activities!

    Computer Programming with BrainPOP UK

    • Online Safety – Find out how to avoid cyber bullying and find out about some places that are good for kids to hang out online.

    Online safety on BrainPOP UK

    • Video Games – Tear yourself away from that PlayBox and spend a few minutes learning about how your favourite games work!

    Video games on BrainPOP UK

    • Information Privacy – In this BrainPOP UK movie, Tim and Moby show you how you can keep yourself safe online by keeping your personal information private! So don’t be scared of the Internet; educate yourself, and be prepared!

    Information privacy on BrainPOP UK

    • Cloud Computing – Tim introduces Moby to the wonders of cloud computing. How can cloud computing change the way we communicate, learn, and do business?

    Cloud Computing on BrainPOP UK

    • Email and Instant Messaging – Understand the differences between email and instant messaging, and how your Instant Messenger service knows who’s online and available to chat! Finally, you’ll get a few important safety tips for all online communication.

    Email and IM on BrainPOP UK

    • Social Networking – Find out exactly how social networks bring people together, and why so many users have signed up. Tim gives a few valuable tips to help you stay safe.

    Social Networking on BrainPOP UK

    • Blogs – Got something you want to share with the world? Try blogging!

    Blogs on BrainPOP

    • 3D Printing – This movie explains the ins and outs of this amazing new technology (but also why you shouldn’t throw out your inkjet printer just yet)!

    3D printing on BrainPOP UK

    • Data Storage Devices – Tim and Moby will tell you about binary, the special language made of 1’s and 0’s that all digital devices use to communicate and store data.

    Data Storage on BrainPOP

    • MP3 – Tim and Moby will teach you what MP3s are, how they’re created, and why they’re so popular.

    MP3 on BrainPOP UK

    • Cyberbullying – In this BrainPOP UK movie, Tim and Moby take on cyberbullies – those not-so-lovable types who use cell phones, email, instant messaging (IM), and the Web to make you feel terrible. Tim will explain what to do if you are bullied online, showing you different strategies for keeping your online experience pleasant and safe.

    BrainPOP UK - Learn about Cyberbullying

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    • Karly - Daydream Education Says:

      Great suggestions! As technology advances and we are presented with more effective and interesting ways to learn, this is a very different method to the practices most parents are familiar with. It’s important for the parents to be involved in the learning experience with their children, and there’s a gap that needs to be filled in order for parent and child to effectively learn together.

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