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    At Bett 2014, we welcomed Mr Handley and his digital leaders (Bayleigh, Emily, Adam, and Cameron) to show their “Top 20 Apps in 15 minutes” presentation on our stand before they took it to the big Arena stage later that same day.

    It was such a terrific and useful presentation for anyone considering using mobiles in class that we wanted to share it with you. They very kindly gave us permission so below we’ve provided the list in all its glory, with their comments. We’re sure any teacher can find a useful app or two in this list (iOS, Android, and Web apps), sourced and approved by the students themselves.

    20 apps in 15 minutes presentation


    Cameron: Super 7

    “I like Super 7 because it’s really fun and educational. It’s really helpful for getting you to think about numbers and problem solve, as you have to think ahead to plan which possible numbers that could combine to make 7. It is quite challenging, but it is fun and is one of our favorite apps.”

    Adam: Monster Physics

    “In Monster Physics, you have to build things, and then it applies the real world physics to what you have brought. I like Monster Physics because it is really fun and it is really addictive, as you have to try and solve the problems. It is very hard in places even my Dad couldn’t do it – maybe I’m as smart as my Dad! It is probably best aimed at 8 to 12 year olds. You have to make stuff to make the monster get to the finish line and in each of the different levels. I really like Monster Physics.”

    Bayleigh: iMovie

    “I like iMovie because you can choose two different ways you can be on this app, you can make a project or a trailer. A project lets you get any picture you want and record whatever you want, you can put background music on too. A trailer is where you get to pick what type of trailer you would like, (scary, romance, retro, superhero, fairy tale etc) you then write the people who’s in it and the words or sentences you want. After that you put a video what you have taken which links up with the type of music and trailer you have picked, then you play it back and you have your own movie trailer. iMovie is awesome!”

    Emily: Chicktionary

    “I like Chicktionary as it’s a great way to practice your spelling and find out new words. You are given some chickens with letters on them and you need to tap them and they lay eggs with the letter on it and you have to try and make words using these eggs.”

    Cameron: Pic Collage

    “Pic Collage lets you put pictures together from the internet, from the photo roll and ones you have just taken. It lets you arrange them on the page, order them, resize them and cut into shapes. You can also add text and stamps to the collage just like if you were sticking pictures onto paper but much much quicker and easier. You can then print them and share them. We’ve them used for fun, but you could also make them about your topic.”

    Emily: Video Scribe

    “Video Scribe is a fairly new app, which we think is fab. It lets you put together a video, made up of a handwriting text or drawing pictures. You get to decide what the hand writes/draws, and piece them together to create some great videos. We have already used Video Scribe to tell stories, present information on a topic and, of course, just for fun!”

    Bayleigh: Number Run

    “I like Number Run because it is like a video game but it involves maths questions. Like you start on a certain level and work your way up. Number Run allows you to pick either a girl or boy, then your person runs and there is rocks in the way, lost paths, enemies, and coins. There are maths question on the things that I just listed. If you answer the questions right you kill the enemies or shoot the rocks etc, and if you get the question wrong you fall down the lost path.”

    Adam: Foldify

    “I like foldify as you get to create some really great models and creations. You can put 3D shapes together on the iPad and decorate them to make them look like different things, like a bus for example, or a creature. You can then print your creation, which you can fold up to create your creation.”

    Cameron: Garageband

    “I like Garageband because you get to make lots of music with anything you what. It has lots of virtual instruments on it, like guitars, drums and pianos, which make it really easy to make great music. There are also lots of different loops – pre-recorded bits of music – which we can arrange into our own songs. We can also record our voices, making it good for making radio programs. It is a really cool and VERY powerful piece of software!”

    Adam: Daydream Education Times Table App

    “I like the new Daydream Education Times Table app because it’s a good way to learn your times tables and it’s a way to learn different methods for different things.”

    Bayleigh: Glow Burst

    “I like Glowburst because it is tricky but fun. In Glowburst you have to pass levels by bursting numbers from the lowest to the largest. For example it sometimes included negative numbers, right through to 3 or 4 digit numbers. Even our teachers find it tricky and we often like to try and beat them! It is really addictive – we all go on it lots at home too!”

    Emily: Pixlr

    “I like Pixlr, it is a very powerful image editor and paint program, but online with a version for Apple and Android devices too. You get to create images, and you can apply lots of great effects to your drawings or pictures, and draw with different brushes, items and use different styles. Pixlr is dead easy to use, but SO powerful. We have found many features that Mr Handley didn’t know existed!”

    Cameron: iCanAnimate

    “iCanAnimate is a great app which allows you to easily create your own stop motion animations. Animations are made up of lots of still images. It is easy to create them in iCanAnimate as the app is really simple to use, and includes more advanced features such as ‘onion skinning’ which lets you see the picture you have just taken whilst you are setting up your next photo. You can then export the video, or use another app, like iMovie to add other effects, music and text.”

    Adam: Action Movie FX

    “I like action Movie FX as it allows me to be a Hollywood director. It basically gives you lots of different effects, for example, a missile strike, bolder attack or car crash and it’ll put these effects over the movies you take. You can then export those and put them into your own movies which is great, and you can make some things that are quite silly too!”

    Bayleigh: Beebot

    “I like the BeeBot App as it is just like the real Beebots, but with lots more challenges built in. You get a bee bot and you have to program the Beebot to follow the path made by slabs. You get a limited amount of time and you are in control. It’s very addictive!”

    Emily: Maths Motion Pizza

    “This is a new game. It is VERY addictive and gets you to run your own pizza restaurant whilst practicing lots of great maths skills, whilst being lots of fun too!”

    Cameron: Sketch Nation

    “In Sketch Nation you can literally draw your very own game, which you can then play. It’s really simple to use and great fun! Let your mind go wild and it will save everything you do.You have to build the set and the character and afterwards you get to play it. I like Sketch Nation because it is so fun. I have made my own game which others can then play, it is awesome.”

    Adam: MadPad

    “I love MadPad. It’s a really strange but very cool app. It basically allows you to take videos and audio files of snippets of sounds, and then store them into a sound board, and then you can press them and it will play them. You then record them, and make your very own soundtrack or beat track. You can create some really cool effects!”

    Bayleigh: BrainPOP UK

    “We love Tim and Moby at our school, and BrainPOP, so it’s only natural that the BrainPOP UK app makes it into our top 20. This app puts all of the fab BrainPOP videos at our fingertips, meaning we can watch them at home as well as school. There are some free videos on the app too if your school doesn’t have a subscription, and all the quizzes are there too.”

    Emily: Puppet Pals 2

    “I like this app – it’s a good animation app, which is a big improvement on Puppet Pals 1. On Puppet Pals, you get to hold your very own puppet play animation, which you can use to tell a story. You move the characters on the screen and it records your voice at the same time. It can then play it back to you as a movie. The characters mouths move, you can make them ride things and go in cars and other things, and you can even put peoples faces on the characters that you know!”

    Many thanks to you all for sharing this with us. If you want to know more about their adventures at the Bett show visit bett.mrhandley.co.uk.

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