• 04.03.2013
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    We’ve added a brand new Spotlight to BrainPOP UK this month focussing on a hand picked selection of our STEM resources (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths).


    BrainPOP UK STEM Spotlight screenshot

    This Spotlight is a sample that showcases the breadth and depth of STEM topics that can be found in BrainPOP UK, across multiple subjects. Use these topics to create a buzz and excitement around STEM with your students!

    • Binary from “Number & Calculation”
      Want to learn computer-speak? In this BrainPOP UK movie, Tim and Moby teach you all about the binary system, the language of computers!
    • Building Basics from “Forces & their Effects”
      What stops a skyscraper from falling down and a giant bridge from collapsing? This BrainPOP UK movie won’t answer those particular questions, but it will show you some basic building techniques.
    • Calculus from “Algebra”
      A word that strikes fear into even the most conscientious of students. But as Tim and Moby demonstrate in this BrainPOP UK movie, there’s really nothing to be afraid of.
    • Computer History from “Modern History”
      How did we get from punch cards to PDAs? Find out in this BrainPOP UK movie, as Tim and Moby guide you through the history of computers.
    • Digital Animation from “Art & Design”
      Ever wonder how the questions you mail us become the BrainPOP UK movies you see on your computer screen? Discover the process as Tim and Moby introduce you to the basics of digital animation.
    • Dolly the Sheep from “Religion, Society & Ethics”
      Baaah! You’ve heard the story of Dolly the cloned sheep, but do you know the science behind how she was made? In this BrainPOP UK movie, Tim and Moby look back on her life – from the test tube to the pasture to her early demise.
    • Hydraulics from “Forces & their Effects”
      Think liquids are wimpy? Think again! In this BrainPOP UK movie, Tim and Moby explain how some of the strongest machines in the world are powered by the liquid power of hydraulics.
    • Leonardo Da Vinci from “History: Famous People”
      Is there anything da Vinci couldn’t do? Find out all about Leonardo da Vinci’s incredible skill and talent as Tim and Moby introduce you to the life and work of this famous sculptor, and… painter … and inventor … and anatomist … and mathematician…
    • Nanotechnology from “Products & Industry”
      Can you imagine a computer smaller than a grain of sand? How about a tiny robot that can rove through the body and destroy cancer cells? In this BrainPOP UK movie Tim and Moby teach you about nanotechnology, the scientific arena that hopes to make these things a reality!
    • Scientific Method from “Scientific Enquiry”
      Got a hunch about something but don’t know how to prove it? In this BrainPOP UK movie, Tim and Moby walk you through the steps of the scientific method – a process which can be used to design any kind of experiment.
    • Space Flight from “The Universe”
      Ever wonder how spaceships leap off the planet and fly into outer space? In this BrainPOP UK movie, Tim and Moby will teach you the basics of space flight!
    • Stem Cells from “Life Processes: Cells”
      What are stem cells and why are they so controversial? In this BrainPOP UK movie, Tim and Moby give you the rundown on what makes stem cells different from regular cells.
    • Video games from  “Products & Industry”
      Do you spend hours in the computer room battling digital orcs and dragons? Do your thumbs ever get sore from mashing game controller buttons a little too intensely? If so, this BrainPOP UK movie on video games just might be for you.
    • Simple Machines learning game
      It’s up to you to use found objects to create simple machines that will help Twitch solve challenges with a minimum of force.
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