• 06.02.2012
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    7th February 2012 is Safer Internet Day , an initiative to help children discover “the digital world together safely” and this year there seems to be greater awareness of the event than ever before.

    Safer Internet Day 2012We’ve gathered together a collection of what we consider our most useful and relevant topics for you to use in class if you’re planning an internet safety lesson tomorrow (or whenever actually!).

    Online Safety movie

    Online Safety

    Online Safety (FREE) – Use this topic to learn how to keep your identity a secret; how to identify people who might not be as nice as they seem; and who can help you stay safe.  BrainPOP is an online resource so we appreciate how important it is for kids to stay safe online.

    Information Privacy

    Information Privacy

    Information Privacy - The Internet is a fun place but it can also be dangerous. Spammers, hackers, and identity thieves lurk in the corners of the World Wide Web waiting to grab unsuspecting users’ personal information. In this movie, Tim and Moby show you how you can keep yourself safe online by keeping your personal information private! You’ll learn how to recognise and avoid the most common scams used by these digital miscreants and find out why it’s important to read a site’s privacy policy before entering with anyone you don’t know in real life. Finally, you’ll discover why it’s never a good idea to post information that you wouldn’t want your parents or teachers to see! Don’t be scared of the Internet; educate yourself, and be prepared!



    Cyberbullying – Dealing with cyberbullying doesn’t have to ruin your day. In this movie, you’ll learn about some of the different techniques online bullies use to get inside their victims’ heads. You’ll also find out why bullies might act this way, and how some of them may not even realise that they’re doing anything wrong. Finally, Tim will explain what to do if you are bullied online, showing you different strategies for keeping your online experience pleasant and safe. This topic also comes with an activity you can complete after watching the movie. This topic’s like a self-defence class for the world wide web!

    Social Networking

    Social Networking

    Social Networking - Millions of people worldwide have joined online social networks and in this topic, Tim and Moby explain what all the fuss is about! You’ll find out exactly how social networks bring people together, and why so many users have signed up. You’ll also discover what some of the largest, most popular social networking sites are all about, and how you and your friends can use them to update one another about your plans and activities! Finally, Tim tells you why it’s important to protect your privacy when you use social networking sites, and also gives you a few valuable tips to help you stay safe – and have fun!

    Digital Etiquette

    Digital Etiquette

    Digital Etiquette - Tim and Moby teach you about the do’s and dont’s of digital etiquette, a.k.a. netiquette, and why you should be as polite online as you are offline. In this topic, learn how the code of conduct we follow in our everyday lives applies to how you communicate digitally, from emails to instant messages to social networking websites. Discover how the Internet poses unique challenges to etiquette, and see how practices like “flaming” and “trolling” can transform a friendly message board into a verbal battleground. How can you fight online rudeness and help bring courtesy and respect back to the web? Start by watching this movie!

    If you’re interested in seeing more ICT resources we have a Digital Citizenship spotlight which could help with lesson ideas and also a Tips & Ideas sheet with lesson ideas and discussion suggestions.

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