• 31.08.2011
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    It’s that time of year again! We’ve been cooking up a host of delights for you this summer.

    Well, the weather left so much to be desired, what else were we to do but camp out at BrainPOP HQ and come up with great new resources and features to delight subscribers this Autumn term? They sure are tasty delights, even if we do say so ourselves.

    Go on, take a back to school bite!

    NEW! Graphic Organisers

    Story Mountain Graphic Organiser

    Story Mountain Graphic Organiser

    A whole library of resources for you to take advantage of. We hope you can use these printable worksheets in all kinds of lessons, whether you use BrainPOP for the lesson or not.

    NEW! Back to School Topic

    Back to School Topic

    Back to School Topic

    In this movie, Tim and Moby give some sound advice on how to start the new school year in style. You’ll begin by learning how to stay safe on your way to school, and then get some tips at what to do at break time, how to behave in class, and why you should be nice to your teachers! You’ll also see how to set up a good place to do your homework after school and why staying up late is totally over-rated.

    “A Back to School topic’s all well and good” we hear you cry, “but what about Scotland? It’s like we’ve been back for months already!”

    And to you we say – dinna get crabbit! We’ve been adding new movies every week all through the summer break so you’ve a veritable feast to, erm, feast your eyes and ears on. See the latest additions here: New Movies.

    NEW! Improved Keyword Search

    New improved search

    1. Explore and discover new topics and resources – they are all searchable
    2. Predictive search allows means you don’t have to be a spelling whiz – if spelling isn’t your strong point, have a play with the search
    3. The search doesn’t only return topics and spotlights – you can now search across the whole site

    BrainPOP Buzz

    What's do you think of BrainPOP?

    We’ve been meaning to do this for ages but it’s only recently we had a minute to get it sorted. We’ve always had teacher testimonials on our homepage which we love and we recognise are incredibly valuable little gems from some of our most admired BrainPOP teaching crew. But do you know who the other important BrainPOP users are?

    Kids and parents of course!

    So, what do they think of it all? See for yourself:

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