• 19.07.2011
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    Whether you’re heading off on holiday shortly, or you’re staying put for your summer break, we thought we’d remind you, in a not very eloquent or grammatically correct style, that we ain’t goin’ nowhere!

    We’ll still be answering the phones if you have any questions and Tim & Moby will still be answering your questions all summer long.

    Tim & Moby enjoy the sun

    1. Send Tim & Moby home to Mums and Dads.

    BrainPOP is a great tool for encouraging parental engagement. If you have a 24/7 school subscription we’ve provided a letter template for you to alter as you see fit and send home with the kids at the end of term.

    Simply download the template, alter as you see fit, send home with your pupils, and the learning can go on all summer.

    Download the letter template

    2. Get a BrainPOP hit every day with our Daily Featured Movie.

    As well as featuring a different movie for free on the homepage every day, the same movie features on our free featured movie App and our POPbox.

    Featured Movie App on an iPad

    You can download our free App from the iTunes store to access our featured movie on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch.

    Or, if you fancy seeing our featured movie on your own website or blog every day,  request a POPbox .

    3. Have no fear, Tim & Moby will be here

    You might have a fresh set of eager minds to engage and inspire in the new school term and we’re sure you’re already thinking of ways to tackle the post-summer gloom (or, back to school over-excitement!) with gusto. Let Tim & Moby help your students get back in their learning stride.

    Use Deep Beep, our curriculum matching tool, to see if there are topics mapped to the curriculum you’ll be following in the new term.

    And remember that we add new topics to the site every week – and we’ll keep it up all summer long! We’re certain there’ll be a few new bright gems to capture your own bright gems’ attention: What’s new?

    Sun Protection

    One final point…remember to stay safe in the sun and don’t let an orange robot anywhere near your suntan lotion. You have been warned.

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