• 14.06.2011
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    We’ve got our very own Cybermummy.

    Moby as a Mummy

    No, before you ask, it’s not a creature from Dr Who (although Cybermen must have CyberMummies, right?) or a 1000 year old robot wrapped in bandages.

    Cybermummy is a national conference dedicated to parent bloggers (“…the UK’s premier blogging conference devoted to parent bloggers and designed to plug you into the wider blogging world.”) and we’re helping one of them make the trip. That Mummy in question is “Scribbling Mum”, a wonderful, funny and erudite mummy blogger from Peebleshire.

    She is a Mum of two who blogs on “balancing life, love, friendships and two kids with my itch to write”.

    Blogging since 2009, she is a finalist in the MAD (Mum And Dads) blogging awards in two categories: Blogger of the Year and Blogger for Family Life. These are prestigious awards that celebrate some of the very best writing in the parenting community. At the very least, the ones that are deserving of a wider audience.

    Why did we do it?

    We saw a tweet last week from another popular mummy blogger, @liveotherwise, asking if anyone would sponsor Scribbling Mum to Cybermummy. Intrigued, we checked out her blog and extended the offer. We loved her writing and she seemed like a natural BrainPOP Mum. Mums & Dads tend to love BrainPOP. Our resources are fun, safe and can be used to extend learning into the home in a way that families can share and enjoy.

    Scribbling Mum didn’t have to pick BrainPOP as her sponsor (she had a number of companies interested) but she fell for Tim & Moby once she’d had a play on the site and watched a movie with her daughter:

    “Miss L at five and a half years old sat enthralled as we watched a short film on Bogies and she even learnt a new word: mucus.

    When I see a product or service badging themselves as ‘educational’ my instant reaction is to usually turn off. I like things to just be fun. But BrainPOP’s films hit the mark for me as it takes the traditional way of learning and delivers it through a shiny new medium that looks cool and is fun and accessible.

    A big part of me is dreading when Miss L comes home from school and needs my help with her maths homework. But now I needn’t worry as I’ll just call on Tim and Moby, my new BFF, when she asks me about the Theorem of Pythagoras.”

    We’re very pro-blogging, and firmly support improving digital literacy standards. We have topics on Blogging (free), Social networking, Digital etiquette, Information privacy and much more.

    These resources are designed to help kids understand this brave new world – a world that adults have grown up in, but not been born into. In the same way we supported school and class blogging with our successful “Digitalk” series and regularly invite teachers and parents to guest blog on POPtalk we now extend that support to parents who embrace blogging.

    Plus Mums are the best. Here’s to all the BrainPOPper Mums: Brenda, Marilyn, Tessa, Ilana, Mary, Christine, Sheila and June. We love you 🙂

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