• 14.04.2011
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    Hello, it’s Jude again, your friendly Northern BrainPOPper. This week my mission was to visit a BrainPOP school, Sheffield Park Academy, to meet Mr Hutchinson and the Science department and hopefully sit in on a Yr 8 science lesson.

    When I arrived some of the Science team were already proudly wearing Tim and Moby badges but were very pleased when I pulled out a huge bag of yet more Moby badges, including the new range.

    We quickly got down to the important business of tea and Hobnobs and I have to say the treat selection is the best I have ever been offered in any staff room I’ve visited. A good start 😉

    (I said I would give a name check to everyone I met so big up to Julie Bowden, Lina Berhouche, Louise Turner, Sarah Phillips, Helen Carter, Jess O’Grady, Suzanne Hawkins, Mr. Holiday & Jo Osbourne.)

    Sit down and have a nice cup of tea, you deserve it

    Sit down and have a nice cup of tea, you deserve it

    There was just time for me to nip down the library before the lesson started to meet Ann Bailey, the librarian. She hadn’t started using BrainPOP yet, so we watched the movie on referencing sources. Ann said she might use the monthly Spotlight as an idea for a display in the Library, so I promised to send some more Tim and Moby goodies to help her promote it.

    When I got back upstairs the YR8 class was already in full flow. Mr Huchinson was using the new Promethean/BrainPOP quiz integration with the Active Inspire handsets.

    The class had been learning about the Apollo project so we watched the Apollo project BrainPOP movie. I got the chance to talk to a couple students to ask them what they thought of BrainPOP. I was interested to hear what they thought about having a big orange robot in their Science lesson.

    The consensus seemed to be that although the jokes weren’t always funny (sometimes they make you groan), they definitely were some of the time and the movies do help you understand stuff.

    One student said when she can access BrainPOP through the VLE it would be good for homework. Some of the Science team said the movies were even helpful for revising topics with their A level students.

    Which all goes to show you’re never too old for a bit of Tim and Moby.

    A special mention must go to Mr. Holiday’s Yr 9 Champions Yu Hui and Sofiq, who get two thumbs up for not only being big BrainPOP fans but stars at Science too.

    All in all a fun enjoyable day. Thanks so much to everyone for making me so welcome. I would definitely like to visit again, but mental note to self…. do not expect to leave Sheffield Park Academy with any Moby badges whatsoever.

    Final name drop of the post to Paul Register the librarian of Ecclesfield School. By sheer cheekie-ness he has managed to persuade the great Stan Lee to lend his name to a competition, designed to get kids in Sheffield reading.

    The basic premise is that all the fourteen participating secondary schools will gather together a group of student readers who will rate and review each of the eight books on the shortlist (according to a variety of factors). This process will result in the shortlist being narrowed down to a 1st, 2nd and 3rd with the winning titles being announced at a special awards ceremony at Ecclesfield School, Sheffield on 1st July.

    We’re happy to give it a promo here as it looks like lots of fun: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Stan-Lee-Excelsior-Award/169514579751324

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