• 23.02.2011

    “Dear Tim & Moby…Why is the time different in different places of the world?”

    Tim & Moby letter

    As most of you will know, every single BrainPOP movie starts with a letter for Tim & Moby. And the hundreds of questions we answer with our movies aren’t the only questions we get.

    Last week we realised we’ve now received over 100 questions on our Ask Tim & Moby post and, on top of those, we get questions emailed from children daily. We do our best to answer each and every one too!

    Bearing all this in mind, we appreciate that sometimes there’s simply nothing better than putting good old pen to paper, and this morning we received one of the most exciting pieces of post (ever!) from Class 5H at Woodlands Primary School. Letter upon hand-written letter for Tim & Moby.

    Letters to Tim & Moby

    All questions put to Tim & Moby go into a list that we look through when we decide which movies to make. We’ve saved a selection to our Flickr stream but we thought we’d try and answer a few here for which we already have movies.

    Q. Dear Tim & Moby…Why is the time different around the world? From Florence and Jessica

    A. Have a look at our Time Zones movie, girls! We’re pretty sure it’ll answer your question.

    Q. Dear Tim & Moby…Why do tornadoes start? From Keanu

    A. Hi Keanu! We think our Tornadoes movie will have all the answers you’ll need. Remember to try the quiz at the end to see how much you took in.

    Q. Dear Tim & Moby…What are tenths and hundredths? From Luke

    A. Maths can be so confusing at times. We think our Decimals movie will be just the ticket for you, Luke.

    Q. Dear Tim & Moby…How do we age? From Lourdes

    A. What a fantastic question, Lourdes! You can learn all about the ageing process in our Ageing movie.  Also, look for our favourite quote in the FYI, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80,” (Henry Ford, American businessman). We couldn’t agree more Mr Ford!

    Q. Dear Tim & Moby…Why do boats float? From Trafford

    A. We love a physics question, Trafford, thanks! Boats float because of a force called buoyancy. Learn all about it in under three minutes by watching our Buoyancy movie.

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  • 14 Responses

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    • cool florence Says:

      I like all of the letters. Mine is on there as well.

    • dylan wright Says:

      what happen after the civil war

    • AnnC Says:

      Hi Dylan

      Good question! We’re going to assume you’re asking about the American Civil War (it’s a sad fact that many countries have endured civil wars) and there’s a great free movie on brainpop.com where you can learn all about it:


      Hope that helps!

      Tim & Moby

    • Tianna Says:

      I always wanted to send Tim and Moby a letter. I go to Blyhthewood Middle and in science honors we always use brainpop. If u have there email let me know :)

    • AnnC Says:

      Hi Tiana

      You can email info@brainpop.co.uk and Tim & Moby will get back to you as soon as they can.

      Happy BrainPOPping!

    • BrainPOP UK | Tips on going mobile with BrainPOP | POPtalk Says:

      [...] would you ask Tim and Moby to explain? Send your questions to Tim & Moby, care of the BrainPOP team. All questions on the site come from [...]

    • miamia1234 Says:

      What is calculus?

      And how do you do it?


    • AnnC Says:

      Hi Mia

      We’ve got the perfect movie for you! In our Calculus movie you’ll learn how it’s used to measure things that are constantly changing, like irregular shapes and curvy lines. Rather than get bogged down in equations, formulas and jargon, Tim explains the basic concepts behind calculus. He’ll show you how calculus is really just a way of magnifying a complex system, in order to break it up into simple parts, billions of them. Plus, you’ll see how when you get close enough to a curved line, it actually straightens out! You’ll also learn the difference between differential and integral calculus, the two main branches of calculus, and you’ll hear about some of the many ways in which calculus is used every day!

      Good look!


    • Addie Says:

      Dear Tim And Moby what happens when the food chain ends? Addie U.S

    • evelyn Says:

      i love brian pop who like it?

    • Kim Says:

      Dear Tim and Moby,
      Who was Michael Joseph Jackson? I would like to know for my black history month project so can you make a movie about him.

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