• 23.12.2010

    This time last year we wrote a post looking back at our very first year called “From nothing to something – our Top 6 BrainPOP UK moments of 2009“.

    We discussed our very first subscribing school (you never forget your first customer); our first TeachMeet movie;  our first big “event”  movie -  Swine Flu (which has now been seen over 80,000 times on Youtube) and our very first exclusive UK Movie (Bonfire Night).

    Inevitably it was a year of firsts.

    Now it’s time once again to settle down in front of a roaring yule fire, Xmas tree twinkling in the corner replete with presents and cast a misty eye back over 2010. These are our things that defined our year, in reverse order.

    6) BrainPOP UK 2.0 – an explosion of new resources and improvements

    This year we welcomed a whole host of extras to BrainPOP UK, as well as the new BrainPOP ESL.

    FYIs, a “Free Stuff” page and Subtitles for every movie were the major additions. Many of the site’s features were enhanced too, from the Preview page to smarter 4 question POPquizzes to improving the Teachers Use page.

    We’ll keep making BrainPOP better everyday. Why? Because you’re worth it.

    5) Lots and lots of new Topics arrived on BrainPOP UK in 2010

    Divali, Sumerians, Property changes, Social Networking, Galaxies, Homer, The Queen, Imagination, Helen Keller, Time Zones…we could go on.

    So we will. Information Privacy, Conquistadors, Urinary System, Six Kingdoms, The Mayans, The Rise (and Fall) of the Roman Empire, The Troubles, Emergency 999

    In 2011 we. will. rock. your. classroom. There’s many more topics coming next year. We also pledge to make at least one new movie for every Spotlight.

    4) The Featured movie “POPbox”

    New in 2010 was the ability to embed our free featured movie into your blog, website or VLE. It works in almost anything and once it’s embedded it runs itself and will automatically change whenever we change the featured movie. It’s a fantastic way to add a bit of BrainPOP to your website. And you can even get it as a WordPress plugin!

    3) Spotlights

    Each month in 2010 we grouped resources together around a common theme, called “Spotlights“. Alongside a hand picked selection of movies, we added extra resources, collections of useful weblinks and unique extension materials. We’ve even run Spotlight competitions including the opportunity to win a £100 voucher for Health Edco (Growing Pains), DVDs and Film Scripts (Making Movies) and an all expenses paid trip to the Moon (Starship BrainPOP)*.

    There’s more Spotlights coming in 2011, including Digital Citizenship, Ideas that Changed The World and BrainPOP Safari. We hope they’ve got your lesson planning muscles twitching.

    *One of those may not be true.

    2) Using BrainPOP at home

    The more we hear from our users the more we realise how well BrainPOP translates into a home environment.

    We saw a huge growth in the number of Mums and Dads subscribing to BrainPOP, as well as a greater swing from schools to our 24/7 home use licencing (also accessing via VLEs). It’s a killer homework support or research/reinforcement tool.

    No wonder it’s such a hit at home as well as in the classroom.

    We’ll leave BrainPOP subscribers Stacey and Esther Newman the final word on this:

    “So much information all in one place – it’s like a one stop shop! The videos are engaging and packed with information, are age appropriate and I would not worry about Esther accessing this site without me being in the same room. Safe surfing!”

    1) YOU!

    We are very lucky to have tremendous support from and involvement with educators and learners of all types. This year members of the BrainPOP tribe:

    All contributions, no matter how small, mean an awful lot to the BrainPOP UK team. So we want to sign this post out with this simple message: 2010 taught us that it takes a village to make a good educational product and we’re proud to be part of YOUR learning family.

    Have a very Moby Xmas and wonderful new year everyone!

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    • Karina Says:

      This is a great post Chris! Thanks for sharing!

    • ChrisB Says:

      Hey Karina,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words! 2010 has been a fantastic year for BrainPOP. Here’s looking forward to more BrainPOP success in 2011.


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