• 01.11.2010
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    Storyteller and author, Roger Hurn, has provided some top tips for telling a story just for you BrainPOPpers! Pay heed to all for storytelling success…

    1. You must care about the story you tell. If you don’t then your listeners won’t either.

    2. Have an attention grabbing opening.

    3. Have a small number of characters. (Avoid War and Peace.)

    4. Choose a story with a logical structure. (A beginning, middle and end usually works best.)

    A storyboard for the beginning of our Queen movie

    5. Keep the story moving with plenty of action.

    Moby on an adventure

    Run, Moby, run!

    6. Only use telling details that advance the story.

    7. Have a satisfying ending. (A good story resolves tension.)

    We love the end of our Einstein movie!

    8. Robin Williams might be able to pull it off with style but don’t put on too many voices. (You’ll only mix up your Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort.)

    9. Be very careful if you invite the children to join in. (You’ll be giving them a licence to kill your story.) Take heed from Black Books.

    10. Don’t ask the children questions while telling your story. (If you do you may get an answer you didn’t want. Or two. Or three. Or ten.)

    11. Don’t surround yourself with props…or costumes. (They break, bite or fall on your foot.)

    12. Don’t use microphones or special effects. (You’ll only electrocute yourself or disappear in a puff of smoke.)



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