• 15.09.2010
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    To celebrate the launch of a brand new feature to BrainPOP UK – the ‘FYI’ resource that now accompanies every topic – we asked you to record yourselves saying “For Your Information” And boy, did you come up trumps with some really creative ways to say “FYI”!

    Thank you to @relativism, Amanda Morgan, David Rogers, Chris Hall, Margaret Ashworth, Dave Morrison, Leisel, Peter West, Jenny Campbell, Harriet Brinton, Lestat and Leroy, Rumi, Hazel, Nathan, Zoe and everyone else for your submissions. And congratulations to @relativism who won a free 6 month school subscription for her class submission.

    So visit BrainPOP UK today and select any topic. On the topic page will be a button that opens up the FYI. Bear in mind that you need to have a free trial or subscription to view them.

    Have YOU subscribed to BrainPOP UK yet?

    If not, this could be your lucky day. We are offering you the chance to claim a 15% discount off any annual school subscription until midnight, Monday 30th September 2010. Simply quote “hifyi” when placing your order.

    What are FYIs?

    • Every single topic now has a brand new FYI with Graphs & Stats, Famous Faces, In Depth, Way Back When, Real Life, Q&A…and more. Each FYI contains up-to-date facts, figures and fun.
    • We believe the best learning happens outside school; FYIs not only encourage curiosity in the world around us but encourage further research and investigation.
    • After introducing a topic for the first time with a short movie and quiz, an FYI can often be the best way to fuel that initial interest and desire to learn more.
    • If you’re doing a class project in a certain subject area, FYIs can provide additional breadth – including a broad range of cross-curricular info.

    FYIs offer oodles of extension material for further reading, homework, class projects and, most importantly, fun, engaging, learning. Why not visit your favourite topic and check out the FYI now? www.brainpop.co.uk

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