• 28.07.2010
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    One of the most popular movies on BrainPOP UK is our Blog movie. We love to blog too. You might have noticed.

    In fact, we believe in it so much as a way to express yourself and your ideas that we’d like to showcase some real class blogs, or school blog initiatives & projects. Not blogs written by teachers. Blogs written by kids.

    We want to find 4 classroom blogs to form our new blogging series: “Digitalk – classroom voices”

    We’ve seen some extremely interesting, passionate, engaging classroom blogging happening in UK schools and we want to spotlight your work on the POPtalk blog. We want to email interview and feature class blogs written and run by kids, of any age. Why? For fun and inspiration.

    Or, if you’re feeling creative, you can present your work in any digital form/tool you like e.g. video, audio, presentation, animation…as long as we can embed it and write about it here.

    This is an opportunity to tell the world about YOUR blog. For example:

    • What sort of things do you blog about?
    • What are the best/worst things about blogging?
    • How do you decide what to write?
    • What have been your biggest success stories?
    • What’s the hardest thing about writing for a blog?
    • How do you combine it with school work?
    • Do you use multimedia or social networking in your blog? If so, how?
    • If you could say one thing to an aspiring class blogger what would it be?

    Your blog doesn’t have to be slick, cool or popular – it just has to be authentic and interesting. Watch this video “What pupils at HeathfieldCPS think of blogging!”:

    We will feature one blog a month between September and December 2010. Your interview (with any multimedia you can give us like screenshots, videos, podcasts etc) will appear here on POPtalk and will hopefully encourage our readers to check you out and be inspired.

    Think your blog fits the bill? Does your class deserve to be one of the 4? Are you a teacher who would like to nominate your class’s blog?

    Then email info@brainpop.co.uk and we’ll be in touch.

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