• 12.05.2010
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    **UPDATE – September 2011. We no longer offer sponsorship for TeachMeets, sorry. You can read why on our post “Moving on from TeachMeet sponsorship“. We will honour all sponsorship commitments made before 26th September 2011.**

    We get asked a lot to sponsor TeachMeet events, which we are very happy to do, where it’s appropriate and we’re able to constructively contribute.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidgilmour/ / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

    There’s nothing official or organised regarding sponsorship or external support. TeachMeets are generally non-commercial and we respect that.

    But, still, we also recognise that it’s difficult to get people to an event and raise awareness.

    So if you are holding a TeachMeet, no matter how big or small, no matter where or when, and need a bit of help we want to offer a simple BrainPOP UK sponsorship package, if you want it. The following is ALL included in the sponsorship:

    Your very own version of our TeachMeet movie

    We will create you one of our special TeachMeet movies starring Tim & Moby to help advertise your event and describe TeachMeet to those who want to know what it’s all about.

    We’ve adapted the movie for the Scottish Learning Festival, Blackpool (twice as their first was so successful!), Perth, Yorkshire and Humber, Hampshire, Norwich, Clackmannanshire, Northamptonshire, East Lothian, Falkirk and…well, you get the idea. To make the movie we need to know:

    • The name(s) of the organiser(s)
    • The location and date/time of the TeachMeet
    • Any hashtag you have created e.g. #teachmeet
    • A link to your TeachMeet wiki page
    • An address to send the goodies to
    • Expected numbers (just have a sensible guess)

    We can usually get it ready in a few days and you can then embed it into your TeachMeet wiki page or in whatever digital space you are using to promote your event. Normally the movie is played at the beginning of the TeachMeet to set the scene and help anyone new to TeachMeet understand the concept. Remember to turn up the volume!


    We can also supply you some goodies to give out to attendees. How you use them is up to you – maybe as a reward for attending or an incentive to go in the first place. If you don’t want these freebies please let us know.

    • Badges: We now have a special TeachMeet badge that we will always supply as part of the sponsorship. This is only available to people who have attended a TeachMeet and should be worn with pride!
    • Poster: We can send you a batch of posters to give out as gifts. They make any classroom wall look good.
    • Mugs & Tshirts: As a special gift the organiser(s) will get a much coveted BrainPOP UK mug or VIB tshirt.

    A prize for a competition

    We know that you want as many teachers as possible to come along and experience this unique form of CPD. So we’re happy to offer your attendees the opportunity to win for their school 6 month’s free years access to BrainPOP UK.

    We will supply you free trial sign up cards that attendees must fill in to get entry into the competition. The organiser then picks one of those cards out of a hat and that school wins a free subscription. Hoorah! Everyone else at least gets a no obligation free trial to check out BrainPOP UK.

    So that’s our sponsorship package for TeachMeets. All you have to do is contact us. We can also put you in touch with other TeachMeet organisers who have run successful TeachMeets whose brains you can pick for advice and tips, though the community in general is very helpful.

    All we ask in return is that you add BrainPOP UK as a sponsor (logo and homepage link ) to your Teachmeet page/blog/communications etc where appropriate.

    Other places you might want to approach for support include Scholastic, Rising Stars , 2Simple and Vital CPD, who, amongst others, have all historically shown strong support  for TeachMeet events.

    *All freebies are subject to avaliablity and we reserve the right to amend the pack without notice. But we will try our best to provide a good selection!

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    • Rebecca Allen Says:

      It would be fantatsic if you could provide a free membership as a prize. We have already had a video embedded into the website created by you which Clare Fenwick from Vital requested. And I believe you may have provided her with merchandise to bring along to the teachmeet.

      Looking forward to hearing from you

      Rebecca Allen

    • ChrisB Says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      Assuming it’s not too late can you email your request to chrissied at brainpop.co.uk ? We’re not sure which TeachMet you’re talking about!


    • BrainPOP UK | Update on our TeachMeet sponsorship | POPtalk Says:

      […] approach proved popular; REALLY popular. We had so many sponsorship requests that we formalised a TeachMeet sponsorship package which included a bespoke movie to help publicise the event, TM badges, a prize of a subscription […]

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