• 22.01.2010
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    BrainPOP UK was proud and excited to host the first ever Teachmeet Takeover at BETT 2010.

    But before Takeovers there was TeachMeet itself. If you don’t know what Teachmeet is you’re not alone! Teachmeet is a growing educational fringe movement, centred on local evening events hosted by teachers for teachers, to allow the sharing of ideas and best practice.

    It’s pretty awesome. If there’s one happening in your local area it’s a very worthwhile event to attend.

    BrainPOP UK has been very supportive of these events for some time, and we were even asked to make a movie to explain Teachmeet.

    But a major challenge of any movement is to encourage new members to join; to spread the word; to invite fresh blood into the tribe. BETT 2010 offered an opportunity to get the discussion and demonstrations of new online tools to a wider audience. Thus was born Teachmeet Takeover! You can read more on why we took part on our post: Off to BETT Part 3 – TeachMeet Takeover .

    Drew kicks off Teachmeet Takeover at BETT2010 on the BrainPOP UK stand

    Drew kicks off Teachmeet Takeover at BETT2010 on the BrainPOP UK stand

    Drew Buddie (@digitalmaverick), kicked things off with a talk on using Web 2.0 Tools. This was more historic moment than perhaps it appeared. For the first time at BETT a stand was being used to promote something other than its product.

    We all learned an important lesson in this first presentation, which is the importance of speaking LOUDLY!!! (BETT background noise is l-o-u-d). We didn’t have a microphone, or one of those fancy Madonna style headsets. Or even a megaphone. But most people could see and hear what Drew was presenting and that was the main thing.

    The audience and the BrainPOP UK team all leaned loads about using slideshow animation tools to bring pics, pdfs, and other media to new life. Drew took stills from some great BrainPOP UK movies, and showed how they could be given a new spin as annotated resources for kids, or, indeed, by kids.

    Tom Barrett was up next on the Friday and he gave a superb presentation on using Voicethread in the classroom. In case you missed it check out Tom’s excellent Google doc: “17 ways to use Voicethread in the Classroom

    Friday is the busiest day but even so the stand was mobbed. In fact, the queue was building out of the stand and blocking the pathway. But that’s kind of the point – be a little disruptive and get noticed. People were stopping and staying to see what all the fuss was about.

    BrainPOP UK stand packed for #TMTakeover #bett2010

    There were a series of great presentations on the variety of Takeovers and they’re sparking some fascinating debates about the impact and implications of Teachmeet – such as this much-commented on post on Tom Barrett’s blog .

    So if you’re off to BETT 2011 keep an eye out for TeachMeet Takeover flyers…who knows what you could learn?

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