• 01.05.2009
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    A big BrainPOP UK hello to all of you! We’re twinkly eyed with excitement at finally launching our official blog.

    If you stumbled here by accident and you have no clue what BrainPOP UK is or who Tim and Moby are you could do worse than check out our “About Us” page which does exactly what it says on the tin. If you like what you see pop back and get involved.

    Not in the mood to click? Then in 50 words or less: “BrainPOP UK is a new website for learners aged 8-14 that contains 100’s of short animated explanations and interactive quizzes, delivered by our intrepid explorers Tim and his best friend, a robot called Moby”.

    If you’ve got a spare 1m:39s play the video below and see how Tim and Moby describe it themselves. They do it much better.

    For those who do know who we are: hello again, it’s good to have you here! Take a virtual seat and let us, as terms go by, tell you plenty of tall BrainPOP stories.

    On our blog you’ll be able to keep up to date with all the exciting things we’ve got planned. As well as news and updates, we’ll be launching exclusive new movies, uploading some ice cool resources, special giveaways and, coming soon, BrainPOP UK events. We also promise to promote and highlight YOUR school tales. We like nothing more than a good classroom yarn.

    As a webteam we love ICT, new technology and websites and how it can all be used in real life in real classooms. So expect the occasional geeky post.

    We also adore learning about learning. This is why we have lots of fun on Twitter

    We hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as we’re going to enjoy writing it!

    The BrainPOP UK team

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